Bill filed for the dissolution of Polis ’governing authority on the basis of the COVID-19 emergency statement

DENVER (KRDO) – One of several bills submitted to the Colorado Assembly at an extraordinary session on coronavir virus freedom on Monday is aimed at Governor Jared Polis’s steps without legislation as many Republicans seek to deprive his governor of his authority. based on the state’s current emergency disaster statement.

Bill SJR20B-001 was tabled by Senator Rob Woodward (R) and Secretary of State Rod Bockenfield (R) and is intended to revoke the authority of Polis under Implementing Order D 2020 003 issued in March 2020. 11 and established the state of disaster due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bill outlines the legislators ’thoughts on overperforming the administration, pointing to at least“ 224 additional executive orders ”that“ had a far-reaching impact on Colorado residents, ”including instructions to stay home that came into effect earlier this year. and various restrictions that reduce the capacity of state-owned enterprises.

Also to be considered is the more than $ 1.6 billion Colorado has received from the federal government as part of the CARES Act. According to lawmakers, because the Polis governor’s office disbursed the money and also suspended state collection laws due to tax collection, it “exercised legislative power and authority to use the money that has historically been reserved for the General Assembly.”

The rest of the bill raises a number of other contentious issues, including the state’s unemployment rate, implementing instructions for suspending personal education in schools, and concerns about the state budget.

MEPs write that they do not want to minimize “the health and economic crises facing Colorado,” but added that “it is time for the legislature to take on a role again.”

As the bill has a democratic majority in both chambers of the General Assembly, it faces an upward battle.

We have contacted the governor’s office to comment and update this article if more information is available.