Blizzard warning in 15 U.S. states of 15 states alerting to adverse winds and heavy snow

The western chaos was caused by the harmful winds above 70 km / h.

A man died Wednesday in Spokane, Washington, when a tree felt his car.

East of Portland, Oregon, a woman still disappeared after a mudflow buried part of the way.

Overnight evacuations were in place due to the risk of a landslide east of Portland, Oregon.

The chaos in the west was caused by harmful winds above 70 km / h and heavy rains for up to 10 inches.

This storm system is now heading east, with winds already blowing at speeds of 80-100 km / h from Montana to Colorado and the Dakota.

This morning, 15 states are on standby due to adverse winds, snowstorms and heavy snowfall.

The heaviest snow starts late tonight, Friday morning, from Minnesota to Iowa, Wisconsin, and northern Illinois and northern Missouri.

Snow will occasionally be heavy from Minneapolis to Des Moines.

Chicago saw the rain change to snow by Friday morning and the heaviest rain would be west of downtown Chicago.

Part of the same storm will move northeast by Friday night, with heavy rains from New York to Boston, snowfall over the states of New York and New England.

The relatively cooler air behind the storm will result in further snowfall in the eastern Great Lakes toward Western New York and Pennsylvania this weekend.

The amount of snowfall ranges from 6 inches to the lowest possible snow in Minnesota and northern Iowa.

The largest snowfall in the Northeast will be in northern New York State and New England, where more than 6 inches of snow is expected over the weekend.