Bodycam footage of a deadly shooting of a Columbus officer on a teen girl

Columbus police released bodycam footage on Tuesday night in which an officer shot dead a 15-year-old girl during the day.

The truncated video begins the moment the officer leaves his vehicle and then meets a teenager armed with a knife and chasing a girl after home.

The persecuted girl falls on the lawn in front of the cop. The officer screams at the suspected suspect to “get off” before the teenager targets another girl in the hood of a car – seen in the video.

As soon as the teenager swings the apparent gun at the second girl, the officer fires more shots at the suspected suspect and hits him.

Police said he was called to a house around 4:45 p.m. for an attempted stab.

Columbus police are holding a press conference after the officer shoots and kills a 16-year-old girl.
Columbus police held a press conference after an officer shot dead a teenager on April 20, 2021.
WKYC Channel 3

Two adults remained outside after the shooting. “Child, man,” one of them says to the officer.

A blade with a black handle like a kitchen knife can be seen in the video, which lies on the sidewalk next to the girl.

Police did not identify the teenager, but family members told 10TV that he was Ma’Khia Bryant.

Image from pre-shoot case video.
Picture of a police body camera of a deadly shooting of a teenager in Columbus, Ohio.
WKYC Channel 3

Aunt Bryant told The Columbus Dispatch that Bryant lived in the house in a foster home.

The shooting, which took place shortly after Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd, sparked protests in the city.

The officer who fired the deadly shoots could not be identified. But they were taken out of the streets until the investigation, said interim police chief Michael Woods at a news conference on Tuesday night.

It was not immediately clear whether the other two girls attacked were injured.

The officer holds a gun after he shot 15-year-old Makiah Bryant.
Bodycam footage shows Columbus, Ohio, a police officer holding a gun after shooting 15-year-old Makiah Bryant.
WKYC Channel 3

Woods said that for the sake of transparency, the class moved quickly to release at least some of the bodycam footage.

State laws allow police to use deadly force to protect themselves or others, and investigators determine if this shooting was such a case, Woods said.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther also addressed the media Tuesday night, where he seemed visibly shaken.

“It’s a tragic day in Columbus.” It’s a horrible, heartbreaking situation, ”he said.
“The city of Columbus lost a 15-year-old girl today.”

Columbus Police will provide first aid to the victim.
Columbus Police will provide first aid to the victim of the fatal shooting on April 21, 2021.
WKYC Channel 3

“Based on this recording, the officer took action in our community to protect another young girl,” the mayor said.

“But a family is mourning tonight.” And this young 15-year-old girl will never come home. “

The Ohio Criminal Investigation Bureau is conducting an independent investigation into the shooting, the mayor said.