Broncos emergency QB Kendall Hinton is “made for the moment,” says the high school coach, who watched him return to the state title

As soon as the sketchy rookie Kendall Hinton is unlikely to make his debut in the NFL against the Saints on Sunday, his high school coach will be seen as welcoming the Broncos ’emergency deputy.

After all, Hinton spent all the seasons of his football career in a quarterback. He starred in South Durham (NC) High School while leading the Spartans as a junior to the program’s first state championship.

“You’re prepared for this moment,” said Darius Robinson, head coach at Southern Durham. “You just have to get used to the speed of the game and once you’re used to the speed of the game, you’re going to make games.

“Naturally, everyone is like, ‘Who is this guy?’ “But those of us who know him know that the Denver Broncos saw the same thing we could see to say,‘ Hey, we’re bringing someone from the list of practitioners as a starting quarterback. I’m here to tell everyone to get popcorn, buy soda and enjoy what we’ve already seen in Kendall.

In the 2013 North Carolina Class 3AA State Championship match, Hinton collected his team from a 21-point first-half disadvantage with a series of dazzling throws. South Durham eventually won 38-31, which was limited by Hinton’s 80-yard touchdown pass with 57 seconds left.

“In the first half, everyone panicked on our sideline,” Robinson recalled. “We looked out onto the field and we needed Kendall to launch the attack. He gave that look, signaled us to calm down, and put together a 60-yard drive to get a touch at half. Then he came back in the second half and threw consecutive touchdowns to put us in the lead. It then and there told us that the young man does not bend under pressure. “