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Brother of slain good Samaritan reflects on arrest

BALTIMORE (WBFF) The brother of slain good Samaritan Jacquelyn Smith told Fox45 he's not surprised by the arrest of Jacquelyn's husband and his daughter.

Keith Smith, 52, and Valeria Smith, 28, were arrested in south Texas Sunday.

The father and daughter were originally thought witnesses to the fatal stabbing of Jacquelyn Smith in East Baltimore in December 2018.

Keith Smith told police he, his daughter and his wife were driving on Valley Street when his wife is holding a baby. Smith got a man stabbed his wife after he stopped the car so she could give the woman some money.

There was no panhandler during the press conference.

Warrants were issued to the Keith and Valeria Smith.

The pair was arrested by Texas authorities Sunday.

The motive has not yet been released.

"The story never sounded right," said Marcel Trisvan, Jacquelyn's brother. "I was never sold on it."

Trisvan told Fox 45 Keith moved away by Jacquelyn two weeks ago.

"They said they were going to Florida, which apparently was something to throw everybody off," said Trisvan.

Trisvan and the rest of the family now look forward to the suspect's day in court.

"I don't really care about the why," said Trisvan. "I care about justice being served."

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