Buccaneers vs. Rams score: Cooper Cup, Robert Woods ignites Tampa secondary to lead Rams to 11th week victory

The Los Angeles Rams are now in first place in the NFC West after winning the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night at “Monday Night Football”. Jared Goff’s attack strongly revealed that he had started this game and was marching 80 yards on the pitch. In the first half, both the Bucs and the Rams showed punches, but Los Angeles was able to put together a huge two-minute practice to get the field goal into the locker room of the half.

While the first half was clear for both attacks, in the second half the defensive units increased multiple traffic. Tom Brady’s two passes proved to be the most expensive, especially the last pass of the night that fell into Jordan Fuller’s arms. Brady tried deep to hit tight Cameron Brate to keep Tampa Bay’s hopes of returning alive, but Fuller was able to pick up the 43-year-old for the second time in the 11-week finale. From here, Los Angeles ran out of class to move 7-3 for the year.

Jared Goff passed 376 yards, following three touchdowns and two interceptions. Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp were the buyers of the night when they both turned in double-digit bets. Woods finished with 130 yards and was hit with 12 catches, while Kupp pulled 145 yards in 11 passes.

Here are some instant takeaways from Monday night’s showdown:

Why did Aries win?

Absolutely shredded Tampa Bay in the air. Sean McVay’s attack didn’t always end, and the coach himself could have been more aggressive at times, but Jared Goff didn’t have much trouble separating a typically stocky Bucs “D” all night. Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods (a total of 23 catches over 275 yards) were downright unreachable on a large scale, routinely defeating a secondary who lost Jamel Dean due to injury. McVay didn’t even need the base game because Tampa Bay had no answer for beating the third. On the other side of the ball, LA was arguably just as impressive, keeping everything in front of him – all three of Bucs ’top takers averaged less than 10 yards per catch – and got into Tom Brady’s face many times enough to make the QB visibly uncomfortable. Just an all-encompassing physical and efficient performance that would have been almost flawless if not for the red-zone hiccups and intermittent Goff errors.

Why the Buccaneers lost

Their charged crime refused to break the downward trend in prime time. The defense was a consistent concern, yes, but at least this unit had enough impact – the choice of Jason Pierre-Paul, the late capture of Jordan Whitehead – to keep the Bucs in competition. Most of the mistakes are borne by Tom Brady and Co. Let’s start with Tom: The old vet performed well for most of the first half, but there were at least three games where he either read completely completely or just executed the passes poorly, which gave light gifts or penalties. This can not happen. And the spooky host? Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown had moments, but none were torn. And don’t even start with a running game that is still slow. If the Bucs are to be taken seriously, their firepower must be obvious to the good teams on the big stages.

Turning point

Monday’s match was tight all the way through, but things really didn’t seem to get to Tampa Bay when Tom Brady missed Chris Godwin at fourth and one pass at Bucs ’own 43-yard line. Brady finished the team’s previous run with an illegal double pass, forcing the Bucs to kick off, and although Jared Goff is picked up by Jordan Whitehead shortly after the traffic that fell, he spent valuable time off the clock and stopped the appearance that Tampa be the last chance to continue for good. Brady, of course, helped conclude the game at the end of the quarter with a TD to Godwin, but the Rams responded with his own end result right after.

The game

His team didn’t win, but Mike Evans gave his best effort of the night on the Bucs ’first TD, which he plowed with a trio of Rams defenders to find the end zone:

What is the next step

The Buccaneers (7-4) will be home again in Week 12, but perhaps the NFL’s hottest team will be the opponent of the Kansas City Chiefs (9-1) who won over the Raiders in a prime time. . The Rams (7-3), meanwhile, return to Los Angeles for an NFC West rematch with the farewell San Francisco 49ers (4-6).