Buildings are collapsing in Arlington, Texas as severe storms cause severe damage

There was a severe thunderstorm and tornado warning as winds of up to 60 miles per hour were blowing in areas such as Dallas, Fort Worth and Texas, Arlington. the National Meteorological Service.

The damage they left behind is significant. To the knowledge of the Arlington Fire Department, there have been at least seven reported crashes caused by the storm, Lieutenant Richard Fegan said. The Emergency Operations Center has been activated to respond to all reports.

One of the calls came from a Burger Box restaurant where a drive on the awning fell and trapped a truck and its passengers, Fegan said.

No one was injured inside, he said.

A witness told CBSDFW that the crash occurred during a sudden fall.

Patrick Harris ate at a nearby restaurant when he saw the crash.

“I sat there and ordered a double meat cheeseburger and ice cream,” he told CNN’s subsidiary, KTVT. “Suddenly it fell on them. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

But the damage spread throughout the city.

Three people were transported to hospitals with minor injuries, Fegan said. And 75 families in three apartment complexes were driven away by the storm.

Across the state, 26,419 customers were without electricity overnight, writes

Utilities Atmos and Oncor responded to questions about broken power lines and gas, and the Red Cross was present at the scene with first responders, Fegan said.