California Covid-19 cases explode for capture; State deadline for severe shutdown

A day after California’s largest city saw what local officials called the pandemic’s “worst day” to date, with the highest daily number of new Covid-19s to date, the state itself shattered previous-day records it had just set last week.

On Wednesday, the state’s Covid-19 dashboard indicated that 20,759 new cases had been reported in the past 24 hours. That’s nearly 2,500 more cases than the previous peak of 18,350. Even worse, as test numbers generally went up, the state test positivity rate also jumped. (Multiple tests usually mean a decreasing positivity rate.)

The positivity rate for the 14-day test was 5.6% one week. On Tuesday, that number jumped to the skies at 6.5%. It has risen nearly half a percent to 6.9% in the past 24 hours. In a state the size of California, that half percent alone could mean another 200,000 more infections.

Los Angeles sees the worst day of the Covid-19 pandemic with new records

On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom promised a stricter stay-at-home order, but made a promise.

“If these trends continue, we need to take much more dramatic, arguably more drastic steps,” he said. “If these trends continue, these areas of magenta can stay at home with the order [tier] it is more in line with the order of staying at home that people knew at the beginning of the year. “

About what threshold can trigger further action: “We see intensive therapeutic capacity as a trigger for further action,” said Dr. Mark Ghaly, director of health and human services in California.

On Tuesday, the Covid-19 dashboard in California showed that while the state did see a decrease in the number of patients in the infected intensive care unit, the line for detecting hospital care was almost straight, with the state reporting a record 9,365 people in hospital due to the virus. See the hospital treatment table below.

The number of hospital-acquired viral patients in the ICU remained reliably at 12%. This means the state can see an additional 530 ICU patients in two weeks. This is the total number of hospitalizations for Covid-19 in the total state of approx. And since many other malignancies may also send residents to the intensive care unit, this could mean that acute care facilities are overcrowded. Newsom predicted exactly that on Monday.

The governor reviewed a chart of state forecasts – see below – which indicated that the number of Covid patients in California hospitals could double or triple over the next month. Even more frightening, he indicated that state models show that California-intensive units will be overcast by mid-December. In Los Angeles, the turning point is forecast to arrive in mid-to-late December.

CA Covid ICU forecasts

ICU projections related to Covid-19 in California

“It’s no better… without effort,” Newsom stressed. He noted that the people of California can still “bend the curve” with their actions. That doesn’t seem to be happening. In fact, the more likely scenario is for the state to “have a wave on top of the surge”.

On Monday, Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County Director of Public Health, and Dr. Anthony Fauci both warned of a “surge surge,” meaning the county’s already record number of cases is accompanied by a wave of infection-induced infection. “We expect,” Newsom said Monday, “given the Thanksgiving gatherings, that we’ll see another wave of cases.

If the state really sees the beginning of this wave and the daily growth is already as high, then the situation is really grim.

According to a Wednesday updated story Capitol Weekly. the governor is currently deciding what a new shutdown would look like.

Weekly per Capitol:

Sources familiar with the discussions said late Tuesday that the plan, reminiscent of earlier austerity during the spring, came amid reports of a dramatic increase in infections and a surge in overcrowding in hospital intensive care units.

The administration believes a “comprehensive order” is expected, which is likely to affect areas of the state that represents the majority of California’s population, sources said. According to sources, the announcement is expected on Wednesday, but this morning, according to administrative sources, no announcement is expected today.

On Monday, Newsom said the new order will be available in the next few days.