California is expanding to receive Covid-19. However, some counties say there is not enough care

“We are significantly stepping up our efforts to deliver these vaccines, release them from the freezer and get them in people’s arms,” Governor Gavin Newsom said. video message posted to your Twitter account.

But in Los Angeles County, seniors can’t get admissions until the county’s health workers vaccinate it – a process expected to last until February, said Barbara Ferrer, director of public health, citing a lack of care.

“Neither the state nor we want to change the strategy for vaccinating health workers,” Ferrer said in a virtual briefing on Wednesday. – That’s the priority.

In Santa Clara County, low care meant the county’s health system was open to vaccinations on Wednesday, only for people aged 75 and over, in addition to health workers and residents of long-term care facilities, officials there said.

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Los Angeles County has been the epicenter of the state’s fight against Covid-19 in recent weeks. According to new county data, about 3 residents have been infected since the outbreak began.
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County health officials reported that 1A. More than 194,000 doses of vaccine have been given to people in the phase – health workers and residents of long-term care facilities – and they are preparing to increase the vaccine capacity of 500,000 frontal health workers.
To speed up the vaccination process, a new registration system is now in place and five mass vaccination sites will soon be operating in the county, Ferrer said. These sites are “only open to health workers in Phase 1A,” health officials said in a press release.

“As soon as the county completes Phase 1A, we may consider starting vaccinations in the next group – Group 1B, starting with those aged 65 and over, as the governor noted today,” the statement said. “We’re working with the state to determine additional vaccine doses so we can start scheduling discussions once the doses arrive.”

Constraints on care prevent the easing of age restrictions

In Santa Clara County, the health care system was open Wednesday at 1A. In addition to people in phase, to vaccinate people aged 75 and older, officials there said.

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“We are limited by the supply of vaccines we can get here locally,” County Councilor James Williams said at a news conference. “As we continue to get more vaccinations, we will continue to move through the eligible levels as quickly as possible.”

“But we’re right here,” Williams added.

County officials hope to be able to vaccinate residents 65 and older “as soon as we get a larger supply of vaccines here locally,” Williams added.

The county requested an additional 100,000 doses of the vaccine, but the state only allowed an additional 6,000, he said.

CNN’s Sarah Moon contributed to the report.