California officials in New York join list of democratic politicians who mock their own coronavirus policies

Officials in New York and California are taking on the ranks of a growing number of leaders who are acting against their own policies when restrictions are to be imposed as coronavirus cases increase across the country.

A press group by Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose, California, said he is visiting his parents for Thanksgiving after calling residents to stay home.

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“Let’s leave this year’s big gatherings and focus on keeping each other safe,” Liccardo tweeted the day before the holiday.

The vast majority of the state was subject to strict prohibitions. Hospitalizations in California have increased by 89% in the past 14 days, and nearly 7,800 coronavirus patients have been hospitalized since Monday. Public health officials have warned that people who ignore distance and masks and gather with non-household relatives at Thanksgiving could lead to a huge jump in coronavirus cases by Christmas.

On November 14, Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County Health Officer, warned residents to hold ceremonial gatherings under the virtual town hall “only for members of the household,” the NBC Bay Area writes.


“I can’t stress enough that it’s not safe to get together with friends and family who don’t belong in the household,” he said.

On October 9, Prime Minister Gavin Newsom issued new guidance ahead of the holiday season, limiting gatherings to people from up to three households and stating that gatherings should be held outdoors with social distance and masks.

Photos were taken in November of Newsom in an upscale restaurant in the wine region with a large group that seemed to be eating shoulder to shoulder inside and unveiled.

Newsom later apologized, saying he “made a bad mistake”.

In Los Angeles, protesters protested against the new restrictions, carrying signs in front of Barbara Ferrer’s director of public health in Los Angeles County at Echo Park, saying “no science, no data, no shutdown,” and “open LA,” according to Los . Angeles Times.

In New York, prominent Brooklyn Democrats were criticized for attending a birthday party where many of those present wore neither masks nor social distance, despite the growing number of coronaviruses in New York.

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The party was held over the weekend to celebrate the 50th birthday of Carlo Scissura, head of the construction organization at the Construction Congress in New York. Participants included Ingrid Lewis-Martin, vice president of the Brooklyn district, and Frank Seddio, former president of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, the Daily News reported.

The event took place when Governor Andrew Cuomo restricted indoor gatherings of up to 10 people.

“This is a particularly tried and tested time and there were shortcomings that I regret,” Scissura told Fox News. “I appreciate my friends’ gesture of arranging a surprise for me, but we all have to follow strict protocols to get over it. It’s an epidemic.”

A person familiar with the event told Fox News that the party was “primarily outside” that all attendees were given masks and their temperatures were measured before they entered the event.

Cuomo on Monday announced a battle plan for the state to attack the coronavirus epidemic, and while boasting to reporters, his quest to wear a mask helped curb incidents in the state. However, the announcement was made at a press conference where neither he nor his daisy assistants, including State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, wore face masks, according to the New York Post.


At the time, the Cuomo was surrounded by state soldiers, spokespersons, photographers, journalists, and other assistants, all of whom wore masks.

Peter Ajemian, the governor’s chief communications officer, told The New York Post in an email on Monday: “We follow and go beyond all health guidelines to ensure the safety of the briefings.”

Fox News Audrey Conklin, Brie Stimson, David Aaro, Jack Durschlag and the Associated Press contributed to the report.