Canelo Alvarez-Avni Yildirim live score and video analysis


Arroyo overcomes the late Rodriguez

McWilliams Arroyo had a full training camp. He had all the preparations. And in less than five rounds, he became the WBC’s temporary world weight champion in the world at the Canelo Alvarez-Avni Yildirim Main Event at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday.

It was revealed early on that Arroyo also had a realistic advantage over late-arriving Abraham Rodriguez, who arrived in Miami on Friday.

And for the fourth round, he showed it. Arroyo (21-4, 16 KO) threw Rodriguez (27-3, 13 KO) from Tijuana, Mexico throughout the round, eventually forcing him to his knees and knocking him down. The attack continued in the fifth lap, although Rodriguez did well, given the lack of time needed for proper training. Rodriguez’s heel led him to leave the white towel in the middle of the fifth lap to stop the one-sided fight.

Arroyo of Fajardo, Puerto Rico, was the ruler throughout the fight, which was supposed to have been against Julio Cesar Martinez.

Martinez had to retreat on Thursday with a small break on the right during a sparring. He hoped to continue training, but the injury worsened earlier this week.

After Arroyo’s huge victory, he might be able to fight Martinez later this year.

It was Rodriguez’s first loss since 2018 to Angel Acosta, the last time he fought in the United States. This fight was for the title of WBO junior air weight. This time a similar result was obtained for another belt.

This fight meant Arroyo’s fourth victory.

Forrest saved a majority draw against Zhang

Jerry Forrest went down once. Twice. Three times in three rounds. And yet, the heavy weight kept getting up. He held Zhilei Zhang’s early attack and power. He held on to Zhang – and finally Forrest bounced back to a seemingly victory draw.

Forrest and Zhang ended in a majority draw, with Judges Rocky Young and Fernando Barbosa giving the fight to 93-93 and Rose Lacend to 95-93. After the battle, Forrest celebrated like he did, and – even before the scores were announced – he bounced back in the ring.

Zhang, who looked like he would land with a big win in the first three rounds, kept his unbeaten record. Alig.

The early round of the early explosive fight became a hugfest, with both Zhang (22-0-1, 17 KO) and Forrest (26-4-1, 20 KO) looking quite exhausted. the sixth. This continued until the seventh, when Forrest scored 26 punches against Zhang’s nine, CompuBox writes.

Forrest, from Newport News, Virginia, gathered roughly after the first few laps in which he was knocked down three times. Zhang from Zhoukou, China, was cut off by a head in the eighth.

Despite the large punches and early knocks absorbed by Forrest, Forrest seemed to be the more active and conditioned fighter late.

Forrest was also helped by a point deducted from Zhang in the ninth round for holding Forrest’s neck. This point ultimately made a significant difference in the fight, and was apparently the result of what seemed exhausting to Zhang in the last four rounds.

Pacheco unanimously rules Gomez

Diego Pacheco may have wanted the rash. The 19-year-old had to settle for a unanimous decision victory against veteran Rodolfo Gomez Jr. with a tighter-than-expected 79-73 difference in the judges ’scoreboards in a super-middleweight fight.

Los Angeles Pacheco (11-0, 8 KO) scored good punches, including a couple of nice top cuts during the fight, but it was only the third time he had completed the distance and only went for the second time in his career in the fourth lap. too.

Gomez (14-5-1, 10 KO) from Laredo, Texas was a good test for Pacheco. Gomez joined in some big blows and seemed to frustrate Pacheco intermittently. It was also a good job for Pacheco in his first full eight-round fight. Gomez gave Pacheco enough to look back now in preparation for the next fight.

It was Gomez’s first defeat since September 24, 2016, when he knocked out a unanimous decision against Roberto Ramirez Uriarte.

Castro breaks down Moraga in two rounds

Marc Castro needed a punch, eight seconds, and a punch on the left. That’s what the junior lightweight chief needed to knock down UFC veteran John Moraga in the first round. From then on, it was a matter of time for Castro, a high-ranking amateur fighter in his second professional fight.

Castro (2-0, 2 KO) of Fresno, California, knocked down Moraga (1-3, 1 KO) in three rounds to register the relegation, finishing the fight with the left.

Phoenix Moraga ran an impressive MMA career, scoring 19-7 and being shot in 2013 with an UFC airweight championship title he lost to Demetrious Johnson. His first relegation defeat in boxing was Moraga’s third defeat in four professional matches.

The 21-year-old Castro is still a very, very early professional career, but his star-fighting friend Ryan Garcia has easily done the work of an excessive opponent.