Cannon explodes in the baby shower, killing a Michigan man

A 26-year-old man was reportedly killed in a baby shower Saturday night when a small cannon fired to celebrate the baby’s arrival exploded.

The blast caused a shattering flight and killed Evan Thomas Silva of Hartland, Michigan, writes. The debris also hit three parked cars and a garage in the back garden of a residence where the baby shower was kept.

Silva was taken to hospital but died of her injuries. About five people were outside the residence when the cannon exploded, but Silva was the only one hit by the shrapnel, writes.

“(It was) like a beacon,” Liz Rich, a Michigan State Police lieutenant, tells WJRT Channel 12. “The cast material exploded and sent projectiles in all directions.” reports that the owner of the cannon bought it at auction. He was allegedly shot several times before Saturday’s blast.

Police told that the gunpowder packaged in the cannon was likely to cause a rupture. The state police are continuing to investigate the case.