Capitol Assault Listening: Live Updates

Federal prosecutors have accused at least 250 people of the Capitol riot, according to an analysis of CNN’s court records and a Department of Justice statement.

These defendants are from 40 states and the District of Columbia, according to a CNN analysis.

Not surprisingly, more defendants come from the country’s largest states, such as Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, and California. However, based on a per capita analysis, most defendants are Montana, Biden Delaware, and Pennsylvania as a proportion of the population.

There are 10 states that have no defendants – primarily smaller states are scattered throughout the country.

Ryan Ashlock (Westwood, Kansas) was most recently charged. He is accused of conspiracy, obstruction of law enforcement during civil dissolution, obstruction of Congress, and deliberate entry into or stay in a restricted building.

The conspiracy charge relates to another group of five people allegedly linked to the Proud Boys, who investigators had previously accused of conspiracy in connection with the Capitol riot.

“ASHLOCK moved tightly alongside the other subjects nearby, but seemed to gesture and communicate with each other before entering the Capitol, with their apparent effort to coordinate their efforts, before ASHLOCK finally separated from the other subjects,” the investigators wrote in a statement.

Investigators said Ashlock wore an orange ribbon on his clothing, similar to those accused by prosecutors of the conspiracy, in addition to “tactical-style equipment, including a vest, goggles, knee pads and gloves.”

It was also identified that he had been seen on video by a person pushing against a police barricade outside the Capitol and being sprinkled with paprika by the police.

According to the statement, there is no information that Ashlock got into the Capitol building.

The FBI investigator who made the statement explicitly said he was still being investigated, saying others could be accused of the conspiracy.