“Catturd” trends on Twitter after Trump shared account claims

  • President Trump, who unfoundedly denies losing the election against Joe Biden, has tweeted an account called “@ catturd2” to support his claims.
  • The Trump-friendly comic book confirmed Trump’s allegations of unjustified election fraud, giving him three retweets from the president.
  • “Catturd” has since raised its head on Twitter, with reactions ranging from amusement to embarrassment.
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President Donald Trump retweeted a Twitter account called @ catturd2 who supported his offer to destroy the election – creating a hot topic.

Trump retweeted the anonymous account three times overnight on Monday. The account claims to be mostly comic, which supports the president.

Trump has rejected or ignored authoritative statements that the election was won fairly by President-elect Joe Biden, such as the Department of Homeland Security and international election observers.

Instead, he relied on dubious shops and authorities to support the narrative he preferred.

Profile of “@ catturd2” “The MAGA turd who speaks s —” bills the account as referring to the “Make America Great Again Again” campaign slogan.

Among the president’s retweets was one who claimed “Rudy Giuliani presents a wealth of evidence” to the president as a challenge to election results, while he shared another article on The Gateway Pundit’s summary page alleging Arizona counting irregularities.

Arizona GOP Governor Doug Ducey on Monday confirmed the election of President-elect Joe Biden, infuriating the President.

@Catturd2 has more than 462,000 followers and claims the president rang it again a total of seven times.

The term “Catturd” has become a trend, largely by people expressing it in confusion or amusement. Some reports showed horror, others sarcasm:

Many other accounts celebrated the uplifting topic and felt it expressed the president’s sense of humor.

@ catturd2 was delighted and tweeted a meme depicting Trump and lawyer Sidney Powell, who is suing to overthrow the election.

The report also claimed that the president’s attention sparked the sale of his book, The Adventures of Cowfart.