CDC ready for Biden transition: “This is what we have been waiting for”

“We were waiting for this to send their landing team here and put it into operation,” a senior CDC official said Tuesday following a statement from the General Services Directorate.
On Monday, the GSA informed President-elect Joe Biden that the Trump administration was ready to begin the formal transition process, says Emily Murphy’s letter, which marks the first step the Trump administration had taken in acknowledging President Donald Trump’s defeat. two weeks after Biden was declared the winner of the election.

Biden’s team was unable to access funding and engage in interim negotiations with government staff until the GSA initiated the process, which raised concerns about the transition, especially as Biden’s team prepares to take over the ongoing coronavirus. epidemic responses and a vaccine.

A senior CDC official told CNN that they were expected to “rebuild the agency” under Biden, although this is the normal operating procedure for any transition in the administration.

Asked if there is more enthusiasm among CDC leaders Tuesday morning for the start of the transition, the official said emphatically, “Yes!”

The federal health official declined to say whether they spoke directly to Biden’s transition team on Tuesday morning. But after going through a number of administrative transitions, “the CDC benefits if it happens quickly,” the official said.

“Experience shows that the faster you go through it, the better,” the official said of the transition.

The official says there seems to be more enthusiasm that the CDC may be able to restart the regular briefings that the Trump administration stopped at the beginning of the pandemic.

“Man oh man, I hope so,” the official said of the CDC’s return to a more visible role.

The federal health official, who is familiar with the operations, said the CDC continues to lead the public health response through its emergency operations center.

“Thousands of employees continue to work on this. Whether it’s in the lab or on site, including developing guidelines, formulating and conducting various studies to learn more about transmission and what guidance is effective in preventing transmission of the disease.”

The official noted that the CDC was in daily contact with states regarding the distribution and introduction of vaccines. Also, when the nation is struggling with a record number of infections and hospital care, schools remain first and foremost in the response, the official said.

“The CDC will continue to analyze school data and, if necessary, refine or further develop guidance there when it comes to schools.”