Chenango County will find 55 countless votes in the Brindisi-Tenney House contest

The indiscriminate decision by MPs Anthony Brindisi and MPs Claudia Tenney took a new turn today when Chenango County told a judge he had found countless ballots.

Alan Gordon, a Chenango County attorney, said election officials found that 44 of the ballot papers were valid, and that was enough to kick-start an election that Tenney is leading by 12 votes over Brindisi.

“These ballots were obviously misled and never counted,” Gordon wrote in an email to Supreme Court Justice Scott J. DelConte.

Gordon said he recommended to the County Electoral Council to provide ballot papers and leave them unopened in their offices. According to him, election officials found that 11 of the ballot papers were not valid because voters were not registered.

Carol Franklin, Chenango County Election Commissioner, told that the newly discovered ballots were statements of evidence submitted during the state’s nine-day early voting period. Franklin said he had no explanation as to why the votes were not counted.

“I think they came in early and put it aside and put it aside,” Gordon told, adding that county election officials didn’t give him further details. “I hope we can open them tomorrow with representatives from each campaign.”

Gordon asked DelConte for guidance on how to proceed. The judge previously told each of the eight counties in the 22nd Congressional District not to change the summary of official votes submitted to the court on Monday.

Until the 44 ballots are opened, it is not possible to know which candidate will benefit from them. But these votes should have been among the personal votes counted on election day. Those who voted in person in the polls were overwhelmingly in favor of Tenney. He led Brindisi by more than 28,000 votes that day. The difference narrowed to 12 votes after absences and statements were also reported.

DelConte was worried after Herkimer County changed its vote aggregation on Sunday. The county said it had corrected a previous mistake by giving Brindisi 10 more votes and 35 more votes to Tenney.

The district covers the counties of Madison, Oneida, Cortland and Chenango, as well as parts of the counties of Oswego, Broome, Herkimer and Tioga..


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