China Media says “Desperate” world leaders have jumped into arms “Congratulations to Biden

Chinese state media defended President Xi Jinping’s late congratulatory call to President-elect Joe Biden, suggesting the leader shows “due decorum” and hopes the call will open a less militant chapter in Sino-US relations me.

Hsi called Biden on Thursday, making him one of the last world leaders to congratulate the Democratic nominee for the victory. Russian President Xi and Vladimir Putin were the two highest levels of perseverance, and the latter still did not offer his congratulations.

According to Chinese state media, Xi told Biden that he hopes that the world’s two largest economies “will maintain a spirit of conflict-free, non-confrontational, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, focus on cooperation, address differences, the country China-US relations and working hand in hand with other countries and the international community to promote world peace and the noble cause of development. “

State-controlled China Daily released a editorial on Thursday defending Xi’s decision to delay the call. The president appears to have chosen to congratulate Biden after he was appointed winner by the General Services Administration and President Donald Trump ordered his helpers to work with the transition.

“President Xi Jinping waited for the right signal before sending a message to Joe Biden, congratulating him on his election victory, he simply showed the proper decoration,” the newspaper wrote.

“The fact that many other leaders have jumped on the gun shows how desperate some countries are for a change of attitude in the United States, as the brazen self-centeredness of the current U.S. administration is increasingly taxing and trying,” he added.

China Daily According to Trump, his office was particularly difficult for Beijing, which “became the primary target of America ‘s first” offensive “.

China and its media organizations have expressed hope that Biden will put an end to America’s latest fighter strategy for China, although analysts have warned that strategic competition between Washington DC and Beijing is the new normal phenomenon.

Biden has vowed to put democracy and human rights at the heart of his foreign policy, which could mean fierce ties with the Chinese Communist Party. He also said that although he did not see the Chinese challenge as “primarily a military challenge”, his administration was “deterring and responding to aggression.”

In Washington, there is now a bipartisan recognition of the need to address China’s challenge. While many disagreed with Trump’s methods, it would be difficult to find lawmakers who disagree that Beijing should be confronted.

For the time being, the Chinese media is expressing hope for dialogue and cooperation – far from the vitriol that Trump has dealt with.

“Recalibrating the country’s China policy is a task that should not be delayed.” China Daily argued. “The current government’s policy of austerity has caused severe damage to bilateral relations and global stability.”

Neither the U.S. nor China has the capacity or motive to continue the confrontation initiated by Hawkish ideologues of the current U.S. government, the editorial continued. – It’s time to press the reset button.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping shook hands with then-Vice President Joe Biden at the People’s Great Hall on December 4, 2013, in Beijing, China. Xi called on Biden on Thursday to congratulate the Democratic candidate on the victory.
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