Chris Wallace Grills calls Steve Scalise to “filter out” millions of Biden voters

Chris Wallace, an anchor for Fox News, confronted Steve Scalise’s home minority whip on Sunday for supporting Trump-backed Texas lawsuit rejected by the Supreme Court and pushed the Conservative legislature to enthusiasm to cast millions of votes to president – elects Joe Biden past to overthrow the monthly presidential election.

Scalise, a second-ranking Republican member of the House of Representatives, joined 125 other Republican couples along with other Republicans in the House when they signed the last lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to end the deprivation of rights of four states whose residents voted for Biden. President Donald Trump and the attorneys general of 18 states who voted for Trump also submitted briefing in support of the lawsuit, which was thrown up by the Supreme Court on Friday.

Considering that the Electoral College will vote on Monday and Biden will have more than enough voters to secure the presidency, Wallace began Fox News on Sunday an interview with Scalise on the question of whether to stop running for election after the key moment.

“Well, Chris, look, there was a lot of competition in many states for the election,” the Louisiana congressman said. “The president has done it, and other groups have done it, and that’s because of the concern that people were worried about when we were surrounded by huge voting fluctuations days and weeks after the election. Millions of people feel very frustrated with this process. “

The Fox News moderator pointed out that the “fluctuations in voting” were due to state laws that prevented the counting of votes in postal items before election day, explaining how this resulted in a so-called “red mirage”. Wallace also noted that the president’s own attorney general did not find any voter fraud that Trump had unjustifiably allegedly occurred.

Wallace continued the dozens of election theft lawsuits that Trump and his allies lost before mentioning that Scalise had signed the Texas effort, adding that he was thrown out by the Supreme Court without even being heard.

“This is the lawsuit that has thrown out votes in four vibrant states – Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin,” the anchor wondered aloud. – I mean, you talked about giving up the rights of the 10 million Biden voters who supported the elected president in these four states. Are you comfortable throwing away millions of votes from your American friends?

Scalise, meanwhile, tried to say, “no one wants to throw out votes,” forcing Wallace to interrupt, “That’s what the lawsuit would have done, sir!”

The pro-Trump legislator objected to the fact that the Texas lawsuit merely argued that some states had not complied with their election laws and that “state legislatures defined the process of delivering voters,” which re-launched Wallace.

“With all due respect, the Supreme Court – the Supreme Court – the Supreme Court threw this out,” he exclaimed. – They haven’t heard. They didn’t think it even deserved a hearing.

Returning to whether Scalise finally accepts the fact that Trump was definitely lost, Wallace asked the legislature if he was “unwilling to recognize [Biden] as an elected president and you are unwilling to stop running for election.

“Joe Biden has gone through a transition that even President Trump has supported while he follows what the court allows. Legal challenges are allowed, ”Scalise avoided, adding,“ Let this legal process play around. “

More than 50 cases of the president and his allies challenged the election results, which were dismissed by various state and federal courts. But their lies about the outcome had no zero effect: violence broke out on the streets of several cities on Saturday when Proud Boys and other far-right activists expressed their strangeness to the lame duck Trump.