Christmas lights cut out the home of the local favorite festive exhibition

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Christmas lights are a festive tradition for many families, but for Jaxon Baker and his mother it is more than a hobby. They spend months together with a huge light display lined up by people on their streets.

Their festive light and inflatable show in the yard consists of 60,000 lights and 55 inflatable materials.

Baker, a high school junior, has been working since September to put everything together and program it all into music.

But last week he knew something was wrong. “I saw the lights and didn’t think it was normal,” Baker said. So he took a closer look. “I saw the lights cut about every 3-5 feet.” It was about 5 or 6 times, then I saw that a t-pillar was both torn and bent. I don’t know how it happened, but someone did.

A true Grinch who sneaks into Jaxon’s display begins on Thanksgiving Day for those who want to pass by and see.

“It’s always been a fear since he started all this so that someone could intervene and somehow shake off his joy. And it was kind of a push, ”said Jaxon’s mother, Amy.

But this junior’s Christmas mood wasn’t faint at all. And its outdoor display is ready to see Thanksgiving night in time.

They don’t know who cut off the lights, though they certainly made the bad list this year.

But just to make sure the Grinch isn’t doing anything again, the house has additional eyes watching the property, including extra security cameras and motion sensors.

If you want to stop and look at the light display, they are at 4938 S. Tujunga Drive in Springfield.

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