Cindy McCain is being considered for the UK Ambassador to the UK: report

The Times of London reports that President-elect Joe Biden is considering serving Cindy McCain as U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom.

McCain, the wife of the late Republican senator John McCain from Arizona, endorsed Biden’s successful presidential election campaign against President Donald Trump and was confirmed to have helped the elected president win the conservative-minded Southwestern state this year.

“His, if he wants to,” a source reportedly told The Times of London. – He transported Arizona. They know this.

McCain has publicly criticized Trump’s attacks on her late husband, which the president continued after the long senator’s death in August 2018.

Biden, who served in the U.S. Senate for 36 years, most of them alongside Senator McCain, has had a close relationship with the McCain family for years.

The president-elect since 1996 was the first democratic presidential candidate to win over Arizona, occupying the fast-growing state, and even Jeff Flake, a former GOP senate who served in the upper house from 2013 to 2019.

During the 2020 Democratic National Conference, McCain had a keynote address where he fondly recalled the relationship between Biden and her late husband. Biden appointed McCain to the Presidential Transition Advisory Board.

McCain has never held an elected office, but has been an influential businesswoman and philanthropist in Arizona for decades.

Asked if ABC had served in the Biden administration during his November release of “The View,” McCain said a number of perspectives are reflected in the cabinet.

“It’s an administration that’s going to be all-encompassing, and Republicans have a role to play in the administration,” he said.

Biden has long contemplated Republicans serving in his cabinet as part of a message to restore bipartisan relations in Washington DC.