Clemson Dabo Swinney disputes SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey’s proposal that the ACC protect the best teams

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said on Sunday that “there is no doubt” that both his Tigers and Notre Dame are among the top four teams in the country, and has responded to SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey’s complaints that the ACC is defending its commendable programs by dec . 12 le.

On Saturday, Sankey was critical of the ACC’s decision not to reschedule either Clemson or Notre Dame – giving both teams an open date before their debut in the ACC – noting that the SEC played almost all games in scheduled matches, somewhat politicized, as both leagues hope two teams will be included in the College Football Playoff.

“If the ACC was really trying to defend Clemson and Notre Dame, why would we play this week?” Swinney said. “I mean, if six wins can get into the playoffs, shouldn’t you take nine there? Shouldn’t you get there with 10?”

Swinney referred to 5-0 Ohio State, which of course seems to be looking for a playoff offer if he wins Saturday’s Big Ten tournament. Clemson stands 9-1 this season, his only loss in a double overtime kicking 10-0 to Notre Dame.

The Irish are in second place in the latest Commission rankings and the Tigers are in third place.

The SEC’s number one contestants – No. 1 in Alabama and No. 5 in Texas A&M – are meeting a 10-match conference schedule, while Notre Dame and Clemson were hosting a match outside of the conference. Notre Dame’s match against Wake Forest was canceled due to COVID-19 problems, and Clemson saw the match against Florida State a few hours before the start due to the delayed result of the positive test.

None of the matches were rescheduled by the league.

“I really wanted to play last weekend,” Swinney said. “I had no problem with that. I didn’t decide. We wanted to play when we were downstairs in Tallahassee and we wanted to get on a bus and go play. Things are happening.”

Swinney said both teams got into the ACC league game and based on the result, both teams make a legitimate claim to the playoffs, which could potentially result in a third clash between the two.

“We want to crown a worthy champion,” Swinney said. “It’s going to be an awesome game. We’ve played ten games, Notre Dame has played 10 games, and we’re excited to be able to play a tournament, crown a worthy champion for that tournament, and get out of there. We want to go play the game.”