CNN employee asks Biden about possible family insecurities after avoiding Hunter’s son during the campaign

CNN’s anchor, Jake Tapper, appears to have abruptly changed the seriousness of a possible misconduct in the Biden family’s business dealings after previously rejecting the Hunter Biden debate in the final weeks of the presidential election.

During an interview with President-elect Biden and Vice-President Harris on Thursday, Tapper mentioned that Harris ’husband, the incoming second gentlemen, Doug Emhoff, had left his law firm to avoid a conflict of interest before the new administration. the president-elect turned to his own potential concerns.

JAKE TAPPER DECLARES HUNTER BIDEN “Too disgusting” claims to repeat CNN: “Right-wing madness goes crazy”

“When your son came under control during the campaign, you vowed,‘ No one in my family or in connection with me is involved in any foreign operations. Period. The story is over, “Tapper began the conversation.” Brothers and sisters, will your son leave you free from any business interests, not only foreign, but any business interests that might even give the appearance of incompetence? “

“My son, my family is not involved in any business, a business that is in conflict, or seems to be in conflict at the right distance from the presidency and the government,” Biden responded.

Tapper quickly moved on to another topic without further ado.

However, CNN’s most prominent anchor quickly rejected The New York Post’s explosive report, which shed light on Hunter Biden’s questionable foreign business before and after his father’s vice president.

“The right man is going crazy with all sorts of claims about Biden and his family. It’s too disgusting to repeat here,” Tapper said in a panel discussion on Oct. 22. “I mean, some of what I’ve seen from the president’s son and some of the president’s supporters are just wildly intact.”

But now, weeks after the presidential election, when Biden is preparing to be 46th president, the topic of the Biden family’s business relationships seems like a fair game against Tapper.


Even Tapper’s colleague Don Lemon was surprised that the topic came up after the interview.

On Wednesday, Project Veritas released recordings of CNN’s conference calls that confirmed suspicions of the network’s joint efforts to suppress the Hunter Biden story, which was detrimental to the Biden campaign after critics completely shut down reports of bombings.

“Obviously, we’re not continuing Hunter Biden with the New York Post story right now,” CNN political director David Chalian heard during a conference call on Oct. 14, the same day the Post released its first reports on Hunter Biden. emails. Chalian later insisted that the report “give warrants” to the “right-wing echo chamber on what to talk about today.”


Chalian, who also serves as vice president, continued, “Obviously Hunter Biden’s lawyer is quoted in the New York Post, and we’ll just go on to say that these are the things that led to the president’s dismissal, these are things that Senate committees have investigated and found no flaws in Joe Biden’s interactions with Ukrainians, and now they have received an email that they may have met someone from Burism, it seems. ”Rudy Giuliani is a kind of“ dream-vision ”of how to throw campaign closing days. ”

At the October 23 call, the day after the last presidential debate, when President Trump hit Biden over recent revelations concerning his son, CNN president Jeff Zucker referred to the story as a “rabbit hole” that I think “no one thinks of except [rightwing media] the world understood last night, ”and later proposed a report in the Wall Street Journal that conclusively proves that Biden“ had no role ”in his son’s business dealings with China, which was the reason why CNN didn’t pursue the story.


Zucker referred to the Hunter Biden email scandal in a conference call released by Project Veritas on Tuesday, October 16th.

“You know the Trump media is moving right away – okay, well, no matter – the revelation was completely pointless about the latest alleged scandal, and he expects everyone to just follow suit,” Zucker said. staff. “So I don’t think we should repeat unfounded smears just because the right-wing media suggests it.”

The “unveiling” cited by Zucker referred to a debate with top officials in the Obama administration, including the newly elected Biden, who sought to get to know National Security Adviser Michael Trump Fly Trump in the transition period after the 2016 election.

Zucker’s message seemed to resonate with his star anchor, who said the following week that Hunter Biden’s claims were “too disgusting” to repeat in the air.

CNN did not respond to repeated requests for comments from Fox News.