CNN’s Chris Cuomo has been ignoring threats against the GSA chief for days after asking viewers to “pay more attention”

CNN presenter Chris Cuomo has decided not to mention the U.S. General Services Directorate’s threats against Emily Murphy on Monday, while continuing to criticize her days after asking viewers to “pay more attention” to her.

Murphy informed President-elect Joe Biden that his agency has officially declared him the apparent winner of the 2020 presidential election and will continue the interim procedures. His letter virtually ended a week-long stand in which the Biden transition team accused Murphy and his agency of withholding critical transitional resources needed for a smooth transfer of power.

The head of the GSA informs the elected president that the formal transition process can begin

Last week, Cuomo turned on Murphy’s photo on screen when he claimed the coronavirus was “smiling while you die”. The CNN presenter said it “deserves more attention” for maintaining the transition.

Murphy seemed to draw attention to himself, which Cuomo sought and received threats in his written letter: “online, by phone and mail, directed to my safety, my family, my co-workers and even my favorites, in order to force this determination. before time. “

According to the Washington Post, the GSA even had to hand over a security installment.

In Twitter series, President Trump thanked Murphy for handling the finding process since election day and noted the threats made against him during the process.

“I would like to thank Emily Murphy at the GSA for her solid dedication and loyalty to our country,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “He has been harassed, threatened and abused – and I don’t want that to happen to him, his family or GSA employees. Our case continues STRONGLY, we will continue to have a good fight and I think we will prevail! “


“Nevertheless, for the sake of our country, I suggest that Emily and her team do what they need to do about the initial protocols and they have told my team to do the same,” Trump added.

The namesake “Cuomo Prime Time” skipped all talk about the threat to Murphy on Monday when dealing with the news of the transition that had officially begun to open the show. Cuomo read aloud from Murphy’s letter, but completely skipped the section on receiving threats.

CNN’s left-wing presenter wrote Trump’s tweet at the time, but ignored mentioning threats against Murphy.

“I’m not going to read it, I don’t need it anymore,” Cuomo said of Trump’s tweet.

Nicholas Fondacaro, a news analyst at the Media Research Center, blew up Cuomo’s behavior as a comprehensive summary of the situation.


“CNN’s rhetoric with Chris Cuomo has become increasingly confusing every week since the election. He spent the third week in Monday’s series when he used PrimeTime as a platform to launch thin covert threats against the lives of Republicans, ”Fondacaro wrote.

“Before the malice of Republicans as a whole, he doubled last week’s target of poison, General Service Administration chief Emily Murphy,” Fondacaro continued.

“This time, after starting the transition process earlier that day with President Biden’s elected team, Cuomo described him as“ we need to step out of our politics. ”Vitriolja grew rapidly as he read and mocked Murphy’s statement.

Fondacaro reminded readers that “this happened a week after he (the man on the left of Antifa’s left, looking back on his domestic terrorists) had set a target on his back”.

Fox News Thomas Barrabi contributed to this report.