Coastal Carolina Chanticleers are in the top 10 of the AP vote; The Alabama Crimson Tide remains uniformly in No. 1

The first top 10 shake in more than a month pushed the beachfront Carolina to 9th place on Sunday in an Associated Press college football vote.

Alabama finished in uniform 1st place, followed by Notre Dame, Ohio, Clemson and Texas A&M as these teams held their seats for a sixth week.

The surprising losses of Florida and Miami mixed the rest of the top 10. 6th Cincinnati and 7th Indiana rose one place each, and the state of Iowa jumped 8th place by two.

Then come the unbeaten Chanticleers (11-0), the first Sun Belt Conference team to break the AP top 10.

Georgia landed in 10th place ahead of Florida 11. The Gators dropped five seats after losing oddly and dramatically against LSU in Saturday night’s fog.

Miami dropped 10 points to 19th place after North Carolina blew it out. The Tar Corner rose 16 points to 16th place.


Alabama is now home to 211 consecutive polls, making the state of Florida (1989–2001) the second longest series in the history of voting.

Crimson Tide alone is likely to finish second after next week’s Southeast Conference championship match. For Nebraska to achieve 348 consecutive polls between 1981 and 2002, Alabama will need about eight more seasons in the Top 25.


This season, changed by the pandemic, helped create some opportunities for teams that hadn’t been ranked for a while – or ever before – in Coastal Carolina, for example – to get into the Top 25.

No. 25. The state of San Jose starts this week. The Spartans improved to 6-0 and took first place in the Mountain West Championship with a second-half rival against Nevada on Friday night.

The state was last ranked in the state of San Jose in 2012, when the Spartans entered the rankings after completing the regular season and finished 21st in the last ballot.

He also returned to the rankings at No. 24 in North Carolina (8-3). Wolfpack ended its season last week.

He was eliminated from Colorado, which lost for the first time of the season, and Wisconsin, which lost for the third time and eventually won the trunk.


ACC – 5 (Nos. 2, 4, 16, 19, 24)

SEC – 4 (Nos. 1, 5, 10, 11).

Big Ten – 4 (Nos. 3, 7, 15, 18).

Large 12 – 3 (Nos. 8, 12, 21).

American – 2 (Nos. 6, 20).

Day Belt – 2 (Nos. 9, 17).

Pac-12 – 1 (No. 13).

MAC-1 (No. 23).

Mountain West – 1 (No. 25).

Independent – 2 (Nos. 14, 22).


Nine out of ten FBS conference tournaments feature at least one ranked team and six will compete against the AP Top 25 teams. Conference USA is the only one where there is no ranked team.

No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 11 Florida, SEC Tournament.

No. 2 Notre Dame vs. No. 4 Clemson, ACC Championship.

No. 3 Ohio State vs. No. 15 Northwest, Big Ten Championship.

Tulsa 20th, Cincinnati, American Championship No. 6

No. 8 Iowa State vs. No. 12 Oklahoma, Big 12 Championship.

Louisiana-Lafayette is 17th, No. 9 in Coastal Carolina, in the Sun Belt Championship.

Washington at the No. 13 Southern California Pac-12 Championship.

No. 23 Buffalo vs. Ball State, MAC Championship.

Boise State vs. San Jose State, No. 25, Mountain West Championship.