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Cohen hearing: Winners and losers

During his appearance before the Cohen Policy Committee, as one of Capitol Hill's most-anticipated events in a generation, there were many other stories (and actors) who came out of both hearings. good and bad.

I looked at the six-hour and one-hour hours of the trial, then read the transcript, and now I'm ready to announce the best and worst performances of Congress members at Cohen's Wednesday hearing.

*Elijah Cummings: The Chairman of the Supervisory Committee has done a very high job – he has fairly supervised the hearing, which by its very nature was deeply partisan. And do it with committee membership, which includes the loudest and highest-profile voices of conservative law and the liberal left. The Maryland Democrat has performed this balance wonderfully, because things have generally remained.

Cummings had two moments of his own: 1) he was in conflict with the struggle between Mark Meadows (North Carolina) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) on racial statements 2) The closing remarks of his final appeal were how politics can and should have gone fast virus.

* Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: It is very rare for a House to listen to the committee so that people pay close attention to the least senior members of the body. In general, all questions have been asked and all revelations have already been made to the 20th Democrat (or Republican) questions.

But since the AOC is AOC, everyone was expecting to know how he managed his first great moments as a member of Congress. And man, he pointed. While Ocasio-Cortez, in my opinion, faced criticism – honestly – in the first few months of the Congress, without telling the truth of things, it was a fact finding, and on Cohen's questions on Wednesday. The foursome is the alleged "treasure fly" of "catching and killing" documents, allegedly possessed by the president of AMI, David Pecker, and the idea that Trump could devalue his assets to pay less taxes. He asked for his successful interview, AOC attributed to AOC as a waiter and bartender: "Strengthen to read great people + give a razor sharp BS detector."

* Jim Jordan: Ohio Republicans worked for many minutes to undermine Cohen's testimony on Wednesday, partly because a large number of GOP members translated the extra questionnaire to the ranking member. Which, frankly, was one of Jordan's strengths. You are not working to get a positive evaluation of the blue check boxes on Twitter. Conservatives, the Fox News crowd and the most important Donald Trump president, who is fighting for his values. Jordan's astonishing contempt for Cohen, killed by his target audience.

He points out that the ridiculous policy of Jordan does not wear a suit. Come on, man!
* Katie Hill / Harley Rouda: These two rookie democrats did not get the questions until the hearing was old, but they both stood out from their high-ranking colleagues for the efficiency of the interviewees. The question of Rouda Felix Sater – and Trump's relationship with him – shed light on a piece of the wider story that we didn't know much before. Hill pulled down on what role Trump had played in Stormy Daniels porn star in paying. (The answer was very much affected.) I thought Hill especially was a star turn; in the coming weeks and months, they expect more on cable television.

* Justin Amash: Michigan Republicans did something on Wednesday that almost no GOP colleague was willing to try: Ask Cohen questions about his relationship with Trump, which in fact relate not only to their relations but to the President of the United States. Amash received Cohen to explain his statement that Trump had never asked his staff to lie directly, but the President spoke of a "code" that made his intention clear. And Amash asked Cohen that one of my favorite questions about full hearing (which Cohen didn't answer) was "What is the truth about [Trump] afraid of the best?


* Mark Meadows: The House Freedom Caucus president took blood out of hearing; he could hardly keep his anger and contempt for Cohen every time he spoke. It was a very bad idea for Lynne Patton, a long-time African American employee of Trump (and now a member of the administration) to prove that Trump was not racist, was a very bad idea. And Meadows's victory circle, when Cohent seemed to catch a foreign client's reporting error, was a bit exaggerated – all right, too much – because the son of the president, who is also one of the most influential advisors to the White House, had a fair share of publishing issues .

* Clay Higgins: The Louisiana Congress thought it was a MAJOR breakthrough when Cohen talked about making a copy of a $ 35,000 check from Trump while he was throwing documents and records. "Are not the boxes that should have been translated to investigative authorities during criminal proceedings?" Higgins asked Cohen in his best "True Detective" voice. Cohen made it clear that the boxes had been seized by the federal authorities when they detonated their house in April 2017 and later returned. Higgins seemed to be objectionable from this fact and said, "If it contained data that would relate to the crimes committed, if they had not been translated and would not have been handed over to the investigative authority?"

* Rashida Tlaib: Tlaib was the last person to ask Cohen at the trial. But he didn't really ask Cohen anything – instead of blowing the Meadows into what Patton had considered racist to show that Trump couldn't be racist. Here's what he said, "Just because someone has a color – a black man who works for them does not mean that he is not racist. And it is not sensitive that some people say it is – that someone is actually uses a suggestion – a black woman in this chamber is only racist in this committee. friends, protect him from the accusations of racism. , just tell me.

* Paul Gosar / Bob Gibbs: Gosar, Arizona and Gibbs, Ohio, seemed to be shamelessly prepared for the interrogation that the moment or both had flooded. Gosar's questioning was based on the idea that Cohen's legal basis and the activation of Trump were Twitter's @womenforcohen manager. He never fully explained that it was an interesting theory. Before Gibbs delivered his time to Jordan, he released this dynamite sentence: "And so, rightly, you know, the President is working tirelessly and coming and doing these statements." So, because Trump is working hard according to Gibbs's assessment, no one – including Cohen – can criticize him and not detail the possible crimes he was involved with? You got it! Thank you, Gibbs Congress!

* Matt Gaetz: When the Republican Republican Walked Into the Hearing Aid – The Pocket Square was Perfectly Fit! – On Wednesday morning I quickly listed the members of the Supervisory Committee and confirmed that Gaetz wasn't on it. Then why was it there? To listen to Gaetz, he wanted to look at Cohen's testimony and hoped he might ask some questions. Oh, yes, the Democratic majority definitely lets the guy threatening Cohen get to some questions less than 24 hours before. The audience asked anyone else about the witness? Open the phone lines. Don't go here, Matt Gaetz!

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