Congressional Democrats say “over time” the GSA will justify Biden’s victory with the GOP’s shared Trump’s legal challenges

Democrats in Congress on Monday night said they were happy that General Services Administration (GSA) administrator Emily Murphy had declared Joe Biden as the seemingly elected president, opening the door to an orderly change of power, but stopped giving credit to him or the To the Trump administration. the move is said to be delayed by weeks.

The “finding” by the GSA will open the door for Biden’s team to obtain intelligence reports, access government offices and resources, and work with current officials to hand over power. The embarrassing period of all major news outlets calling for a presidential race for Biden based on his significant leadership in several states came to an end, prompting Biden to spin up his interim organization and appoint officials – but the Trump administration has not yet officially acknowledged that January On the 20th, Biden will almost certainly be president.

“It’s time,” Senator Tammy Duckworth said in a D-Illinois tweet. “Every day the peaceful transition has been postponed and we have lost a day in ensuring that we are able to fight this epidemic, plan for vaccine distribution, reopen our economy and prepare for the national security threats that threaten our nation.”


Trump did not accept the race and insisted on Monday night that he would continue to pursue legal challenges against the election results in the lost states. “Our case continues strongly, we will continue the good … fight,” Trump said before calling the finding “initial protocols” in our country’s interest and “preliminary work.”

Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. in a statement on Monday, he mocked Trump’s uncompromisingness.

“This is probably the closest thing to a concession that President Trump can issue,” Schumer said. “Now let us all – Democrats and Republicans, the Trump administration and the upcoming Biden administration – unite for a smooth and peaceful transition that benefits America.”


Representative Gerry Connolly, D-Va. Murphy was shocked, “The wrath of Congress and the American public should not have convinced Administrator Murphy to do the right thing. His actions were dangerous, and Congress must ensure that it never happens again.”

“I am pleased that President-elect Biden and President-elect Harris can now finally be fully involved in preparing for the nation’s greatest crises in decades,” said Carolyn Maloney, DN.Y. The chairman of the home inspection committee said. “But make no mistake – there is no reason to celebrate that members of the Trump administration have been unwilling to abide by the law for weeks as coronavirus cases have risen to catastrophic levels.”

Senator Gary Peters, D-Mich. He stated, “this delay has brought unnecessary risks to our national security and our epidemic responses.”

James Clyburn, DS.C., whose approval is widely believed to have been a turning point in Biden’s primary campaign, also stressed “hundreds of Americans die every day from the virus.” He said the “finding gives Biden” access to the critical information they need to prepare on the first day to protect American life. “

Republicans, meanwhile, had a more divided response to Monday’s announcement, which came after the publication of Murphy’s letter to Biden.


Senator Bill Cassidy, R-La, became the latest in a steady drip of Republican officials that recognized Biden as president-elect in a tweet minutes after GSA news appeared Tuesday when Michigan confirmed his election results in favor of Biden.

“After Michigan confirms its results, Joe Biden has more than 270 votes,” Cassidy said in a tweet. “President Trump’s legal team has shown no evidence of the massive fraud that should have been present to overthrow the election. I voted for President Trump, but Joe Biden won. The transition must begin in the interests of the country.”

Cassidy has joined Senator Rob Portman, R-Ohio, Senate Mitt Romney, R-Utah and several other GOP lawmakers, publicly acknowledging that Biden will be the next president.

But Senator Lindsey Graham, RS.C., continued to encourage Trump with the legal challenges of the election results during a conversation on Fox News’s “Hannity” on Monday night in a conversation that focused on the critical course of the U.S. Senate in Georgia. .

“President Trump, keep fighting,” Graham Trey told Gowdy’s guest show. “We need to change this law in Georgia, where only one person can enforce the signatures voting in the letter. It’s a nightmare for us. So, President Trump, keep fighting and continue to challenge these systems.”

Graham was one of the loudest members of the GOP alongside Doug Collins (R-Ga.) Who fought on Trump’s behalf in Georgia for the recount. On Monday night, Graham still did not acknowledge that Biden was the president-elect, saying, “If the president falls short and Biden becomes president, then Pelosi, Schumer and Biden will be. It’s a tripe of hell for a great government.”


Meanwhile, Biden himself did not comment on the finding Tuesday morning, although his interim team did so and called the GSA’s move “final.”

“Today’s decision is a necessary step to begin addressing the challenges facing our nation, including keeping the pandemic under control and putting our economy back on track,” said Yohannes Abraham, executive director of Biden-Harris Transition. “This final decision is a final administrative measure to formally begin the transition process with the federal agencies.”

Shortly after the GSA’s finding, Biden tweeted a “.gov” website about the transition, which continued the political appointments. The existence of the venue with President Trump was still the most tangible evidence that the United States must pursue a peaceful transfer of power from one president to another, as it has done without failure since 1797.