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Conservative activist attack on UC Berkeley campus: Possible charges for attackers

According to UC Berkeley, the campus police arrested Zachary Greenberg Friday. Greenberg tied him out of jail and held his order on Wednesday.

The attack was on Sproul Plaza on February 19, according to officials. The US turning point identified CNN as an alleged victim as Hayden Williams, who was invited to UC Berkeley to help students enroll in a university chapter.

The Williams media representative said he was a representative of the Leadership Institute, a conservative leadership training organization. Williams is not a UC Berkeley student, the representative said.

"The fact that the victim was not a university association does not affect this case. It had every right to stay at the university and every right to express its opinion," said Dan Mogulof, university spokesman.

The video captured by the video shows two attackers

A short witness, recorded by a witness, shows that Williams and a man struggle before he hit Williams's face and knocked out his hat. The alleged suspect is approaching Williams' face, calling him "racist," and shouting slander before he goes back to Williams.

Williams told CNN he was good after the attack, but he didn't answer any other questions. The site was handled, media representative said.

Arda Erbil, a student who made a recording for CNN, said she saw two men harassing Williams. As one of the men was physical, Erbil began recording.

"Such an open space was something invisible," he said.

The University of California's Police Headquarters stated that officials had responded to a "confusion" at the top of Sproul Plaza, a university student center where they found the injured. According to the police statement, the victim said two men were approaching him, a verbal upheaval followed, and began to record the interaction on his phone.

One man "pulled the phone out of the victim's hand," the police said. "The suspect then knocked over the table and the two men fought on the phone. During the incident, the suspect shook the victim several times, causing injury to the victim's eyes and nose."

Williams told Fox News that Sean Hannity shortly after the attack testified that some students were attracted by a sign in the recruitment table: "Hate Crime Hoaxes Hurt Real Victims" – obviously to the "Empire" actor, Jussie He refers to Smollett who was accused of stopping what he was supposed to be hateful.

What's next is Jussie Smollett's case and career

"This person claimed to have promoted violence at the university and continued his aggression," said Williams to Hannams.

The University condemns the attack

The Chancellor and Vice-President of UC Berkeley condemned the attack in a statement of February 21, which he called "punishable".

"This kind of behavior is unbearable and has no place," the statement said. "Commitment to Freedom of Expression and Belief."

The statement added that university officials had no information about the perpetrators belonging to UC Berkeley.

The incident shows that "in the left harbor there are many hate and anger and that students' activists meet every day," said Charlie Kirk, US founder and president.

"Our wonderful local organizers boldly face the dangers of violence and discrimination because they fight to listen to conservative voices at college campuses," Kirk said, proud that the group's student activists deal with the situation.

Campus is known to promote opposition to conservative views

While UC Berkeley has a long history of promoting free-lance tenants, in recent years they have protested against conservatives and right-wing ideologists who have become violent.

In 2017, many protests preceded the conservative commentators like Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter. None of these events went on.

Later that year, Ben Shapiro held a conservative radio station when the protesters were out. Nine people were arrested, but the protests seemed mostly peaceful.

CNN Sarah Moon and Margaret Shuttleworth contributed to the report.

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