Coronavirus deaths were reported daily in Florida before the election: report

Daily study found coronavirus deaths in Florida declined before 2020 presidential election The Sun Sentinel reported Tuesday.

The newspaper found that the number of daily deaths caused by the coronavirus during early voting and election day was lower than at the time.

The death toll came after the state announced on October 21 that COVID-19 would review all suspected deaths before the newspaper said it was concerned about the inflated numbers.

Three days later, the state’s daily census stopped, including deaths more than a month earlier. The newspaper notes that these deaths can take days and weeks to get to public health departments.

The state did not include these deaths in its daily count on October 24, 10 days before the election, and continued them two weeks after the November 17 election.

The newspaper noted that the intent to manipulate the data is unclear, and a Florida health ministry spokesman declined to answer Sun Sentinel’s questions.

The department did not respond immediately to The Hill’s comments.

The report comes as the Florida Government. Ron DeSantisGovernor Ronida asked if he would accept Biden as President-elect, “I don’t have to do this.” The head of the Florida GOP Senate gave a positive result to COVID-19 before the White House proposed stricter restrictions in Florida ahead of the Electoral College meeting: MORE REPORTThe treatment of the coronavirus epidemic has been covered by the local press.

The Daily Watchtower it was previously reported that state health officials were told to talk about COVID-19 only after the election.

And a new debate broke out this week after the Florida police struck at home Rebekah Jones, who built the state’s coronavirus dashboard and confiscated computer equipment. Jones said he was expelled in May for refusing to manipulate the state’s coronavirus data.

Jones is accused of breaking into the health department’s messaging system and sending a text message warning employees to “speak out before it’s too late”. He denied the accusation.