Coronavirus relief: Hoyer indicates open to a lean deal in order to “get the gist”

“(Speaker Nancy Pelosi) We spent a lot of time together on the phone. And I really hope we can act with significant relief next week,” Hoyer told CNN’s Abby Phillip on “Internal Policy.”

Democrats, he added, “are not going to get everything we want. We consider state and local (aid) important. And if we can achieve it, we want to get it. But we want to help people who are very, very struggling and serious. are at risk. “

“We have to do the point,” Hoyer later told Phillip. “We have time to do things we didn’t pick up because we couldn’t reach a political agreement, we’ll have time for that.” The leader said the bill is critical among the sums spent on small businesses, vaccine delivery, unemployment and childcare, all of which are included in an agreement set up by a bipartisan legislature.

But despite optimism, aid talks are slow and Hill leaders are still far apart, sources from both parties told CNN on Sunday morning, and Democrats have not yet given up their state and local aid demands that Republicans have resisted.

The road to the stimulus was as unclear as it had ever been, though the congressional aides working on it hoped something could get rid of over the weekend. Pelosi insisted that the House extend its session to Christmas week if necessary.

Later on Sunday, two senators say the stimulus bill will be presented on Monday.

“We’re going to introduce a bill tomorrow night,” Bill Cassidy, a Louisiana Republican senator, said on CNN’s Jake Tapper’s “State of the State.” “Leadership can dismiss it, I can’t govern it.”

“There will be an agreement,” he added.

Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democratic senator, told Fox News that the bipartisan group would “issue a full bill tomorrow before the end of the day.”

Manchin added that the talks “did not fall apart”, despite concerns on Friday that the group was struggling to finalize the agreement. He said the group was talking over the weekend and another call would be made on Sunday.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said at a news conference on Sunday that “the good news of the talks is that the Eighth Band is working hard and they hope they have something tomorrow morning. That’s not all we all want, but it’s still a good framework, and I hope everyone can get together around the Eight Gang. “

Despite bipartisan group senators on Sunday morning promising to publish the text of the bill on Monday on their $ 908 billion proposal, they still have no agreement and continue to fight for an agreement to protect the liability of businesses and others, sources said.

Six senators are holding calls on Sunday afternoon to try to agree on the issue after fighting for weeks.

Finally, it will be up to congressional leaders to decide which provisions will be included in the $ 1.4 trillion total cost bill to keep the government funding on Friday. However, congressional leaders are still at odds over which provisions should be added.

This story has been updated with additional reports.

CNN’s Manu Raju, Sarah Jorgensen, Ben Geldon, Nicky Robertson and Lauren Fox contributed to this report.