Coronavirus Vaccination Arrives in Louisiana: You Need to Know | Coronavirus vaccination

The coronavirus vaccine appears to arrive in Louisiana sooner or later. When do vaccinations arrive and who gets them first? Here is the answer to your questions about the vaccine and its distribution.

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When will the vaccines arrive in Louisiana?

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy said Tuesday that Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are already heading to Louisiana and elsewhere. Of the three leading pharmaceutical companies seeking to approve the vaccine, Pfizer is the furthest along the process.

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not yet authorized the distribution, which is expected by December 10, Pfizer has begun moving vaccines to pre-located locations across the country that can store doses under the extremely cold conditions required before dosing.

The first dose of Pfizer vaccine should be delivered to hospitals by 18 December. The Center for Disease Prevention and Control expects about 20 million people to be admitted in the first two weeks, although it will take at least five months for a full dose of the vaccine to be fully launched to cover the majority of the nation – and that depends on vaccine approval.

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Who goes first?

According to a government advisory board meeting on Tuesday, health workers and those living in nursing homes should be the first to get the vaccine. In a 13-1 vote, the panel recommends that these groups be given priority in the first days of future vaccination programs. The two groups include about 24 million people out of a population of about 330 million Americans.

After this group, opportunities include teachers, police, firefighters and other workers in key areas, as well as the elderly and people with basic illnesses.

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Local pharmacies will play a key role in introducing vaccines, but are they ready?

Federal government officials saw local pharmacies as key players in getting vaccinations in the arms of anyone who wanted one in Louisiana. But these pharmacies say they need more people who can administer the recordings.

What happens to the vaccine in other countries?

On Wednesday, British officials authorized the COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use, which brightened the world’s first coronavirus shot, which went through a rigorous scientific approval process and took a significant step towards the end of the epidemic.

Other countries are not lagging behind: U.S. and European Union regulators are also controlling Pfizer’s shooting along with similar vaccine from rival Moderna Inc. British regulators are also considering another shot at AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

China and Russia began distributing vaccines before the late phase was completed, prompting some scientists to raise questions about their processes.

Pfizer says the coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective, asking for official review these days

The company says the vaccine appears to protect older people who are at risk of dying from COVID-19.