COVID PA: Governor Wolf warns of availability of ICU hospital beds in Pennsylvania

Across the country, the surge in COVID-19 cases is leading to a surge in hospital care, with ICU beds approaching capacity in many places.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf woke him up on Monday.

“The modeling available from National Institutes of Health metrics and an evaluation by the University of Washington in Seattle predict that Pennsylvania will run out of intensive beds in December if we do nothing,” Wolf said.

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That’s why Pennsylvania Health Minister Dr. Rachel Levine has announced strict new restrictions to reduce the spread.

“If the hospital beds run out, and if the hospital staff runs out, if they are overloaded to the breaking point, all patients will suffer, including patients with ER.” Wolf said.

At least for now, the hospitals in the Philadelphia region seem to be in order. For example, Chester County Hospital currently has about 16 COVID-19 patients and only one in the intensive care unit.

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“So the ICU capacity is very good right now, we have a lot of capacity in the intensive care unit and we’re doing pretty well,” said Dr. Kevin Sowti, medical director, head of internal medicine and head of Chester County Cabinet Hospital.

Nevertheless, Dr. Sowti believes new restrictions and guidelines are needed, especially if you think there are people who have the virus and don’t even know it.

“Many patients have no symptoms, no symptoms, but they can transmit this infection and affect many people in small places,” Sowti said.

He and others say the good news is that the vaccines are around the corner.

“Just focus on getting help on the way. We’ll live beyond that, but let’s just isolate ourselves a little more, wear a mask, and not be in small rooms with a lot of people,” dr. Sowti.

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