COVID vaccine kit ideas for different investors

One size rarely fits everyone. This is also true for clothing and coronavirus vaccine kits. In this Multicolored Crazy Live Recorded on December 3, 2020, Corinne Cardina, head of the Office of Health and Cannabis, and Keith Speights, writer at, discuss COVID vaccine kit ideas on different investment styles.

Corinne Cardina: Last question. Are there any tips you would give investors to invest in a coronavirus vaccine? I ask this every week. I just want to make sure your advice hasn’t changed due to new updates and developments.

Keith Speights: Eddy, that’s what I’m standing at, Corinne.

If you are a conservative investor, risk averse, go for stocks like Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ). This is a Dividend Aristocrat, the health giant, exists almost forever.

Brian Orelli, who is a fool, Ph.D. in biology. Brian wrote a great article a few years ago that I still remember. He said, “It’s a great time to buy J&J anytime if you persevere long enough.” This is the stock a conservative investor wants to go with.

If you are more risk tolerant, looking for more aggressive growth, a Modern (NASDAQ: MRNA), maybe. BioNTech (NASDAQ: BNTX), Novavax (NASDAQ: NVAX) an option there.

If you’re really aggressive, you can go with a company like this at an earlier stage than one Arcturus (NASDAQ: ARCT) obsession Vaxart (NASDAQ: VXRT)as just mentioned.

If you’re somewhere in the middle, I like it Pfizer (NYSE: PFE). They will have a much better growth story in the future and they also have big dividends. Pfizer is a good medium choice.