Cowboys News: Andy Dalton takes revenge on Zac Taylor and Bengals

Returning to Queen City, Andy Dalton won his first match at the Paul Brown Stadium against the Bengals on Sunday.

This was Dalton’s first match against his former club, and his team scored 30 points in the blowout victory. It was easily one of the best games Dalton brought back to last year with the Bengals, as he hadn’t played so well with the Cowboys in his first and potentially one season.

In the five starts leading up to his match against the Bengals, Dalton was 1-4, averaging 209 yards per game, throwing seven touchdowns to six interceptions, and a pass rating of 78.0. The Cowboys averaged 15 points per game during this period.

He made 16/23 passes against the Bengals for 185 yards. Although he didn’t have a big passing day, he was effective for the first time of the season with two touchdowns and no interception. He also finished high with 122.6 passes, the best since the 4th week of the 2017 season against the Browns (146.0) while still being a Bengals band.

Dalton was, of course, the beginner of the Bengals from 2011-2019. He is the franchise leader in finishing, passing touchdowns, and led the Bengals to five ranked playoffs, the most in the history of the franchise with a quarterback (Ken Anderson was four in his 16 career).

Despite being a reliable quarterback for so many years, Zac Taylor put him on a bench last season so he could watch Ryan Finley. Taylor made it clear it had nothing to do with Dalton’s talent, but the winning Bengals had to shake things up.

The problem was that the announcement was received three hours before the trading deadline. Dalton’s agent tried to find a trade, but to no avail.

Dalton, who rarely had a negative say, expressed frustration with the decision. He wondered why Taylor had announced the move so late that he had no chance of trading.

The move was announced on Dalton’s birthday to violate the injury.

Dalton eventually got rid of Taylor after asking for release in the offseason. The Bengals formulated Joe Burrow, and Dalton saw the writing on the wall. Dalton wanted to trade again, but the Bengals couldn’t solve anything.

So Dalton was released, signed by the Cowboys, and avenged Zac Taylor.

Dalton is not the only cornerstone of the franchise that makes Bengal bitter.

Carlos Dunlap is the Bengals ’career in bags, losing and quarterback hits. Still, he couldn’t get out of Cincinnati soon enough.

In seven matches with Bengals in 2020, Dunlap only had one bag. He made 3.5 in five games with the Seahawks.

Who will be the next Bengal veteran to find greener pastures?

AJ Green played a fair game with the Cowboys, catching six passes to 62 yards and a touchdown. He made heavy catches and showed that there was more in the tank. It’s more likely not playing for someone else next season.

Green leads Bengals both in matches and yards. Chad Johnson is behind the bets and bets the yard, the touchdowns, but Ochocinco is only followed by a touchdown bet.

Could he be the next great franchise to leave the Taylor regime with tough emotions?

Maybe Geno Atkins?

Atkins is second behind Dunlap among the most bags, losing and defensive hits in the franchise’s history. In 2020, Atkins has only one battle, one QB hit, and no bag or defeat. What will become of it?

If all this has been said, Dalton may not be the only great franchise to take revenge on Bengals.