CSU will reopen universities in the fall of 2021

Six days before the application window closed, the California State University system, which serves nearly half a million students, announced that after more than a year of virtual education in the midst of COVID-19, all 23 campuses will reopen next fall.

The purpose of the early announcement is to help students and families with their plans for next year – and when deciding whether they want to apply to the state of Cal, university leaders said.

“We want to get back to personal university as much as possible,” Chancellor Timothy P. White said in an interview. “We want our current students to know what our plans are.”

“This decision will be made in good time, as high school and transfer students must complete their fall admission application by December 15,” said Chancellor Joseph Castro, who will take over in January. “I urge eligible students to apply for admission to one or more CSU campuses throughout the Golden State.”

In May, the country’s largest four-year university system appeared similarly early in the fall semester plan – with the difference that the move was announced to offer almost any virtual education.

Despite this decision, total enrollment at the university rose to a record high in the fall, exceeding 485,000 students. But the number of first-year first-year students has dropped significantly, and enrollment at some Northern California universities has also declined, following trends from previous years.

The latter decline is likely to have occurred in the minds of university officials when considering options for next year.

The Cal State system has already extended the application deadline for students intending to enter by the fall of 2021 by 11 days until December 15th. Officials said they wanted to ease the burden on students who faced challenges as a result of the pandemic and ensure that deadlines did not hinder applications.

Some high school counselors and students have predicted a decline in applications, especially among low-income and first-generation students who have urgent financial and family concerns to care for and who do not have sufficient resources at home to apply on their own.

White said he noticed a slight increase in the number of “pending” applications to Cal State universities – applications that potential first and transfer students have started but not yet completed.

“They may just be busy or waiting,” but they may be hesitant, White said. He wanted to give students reassurance about what the next fall would look like.

‘California can afford to lose a generation of students’. I want to turn every stone to make sure each student has the doors open for their future, ”White said, adding that exemptions from application fees and“ robust financial aid ”are available to students who financial difficulties.

The Cal State system primarily offers virtual education for the remainder of the school year, amid a rise in cases across the country. But White said current research and promising news about the vaccine had given him the confidence to make a different decision for eight months from now.

He said the “twin northern stars” have always guided the health and safety of university communities and the gradual advancement of students.

“And if things change, the university will be nimble,” he said.