Cuomo Aide says the governor “nurtured” him for months before he groped

Towards the end, he looked up at me and said, “By the way, you know, you know people are talking in the office, and you can never tell anyone anything we’re talking about, or you know anything, right?” “She said to The Times Union.” I said, “I see. She said, ‘Well, you know, I’m in big trouble, you know that.’ I said, ‘I see, Governor. And he said,’ All right. ‘

On Wednesday, Mariann Wang, Ms. McGrath’s attorney, said the Times Union report was “in line with my client’s comments and my experience working for the governor”.

“The governor’s behavior is a classic harassing and predatory behavior: Groom, manipulate, slowly move the boundaries, and then threaten and punish if someone dares to dare to step back,” Ms. Wang said.

The sexual harassment scandal that flooded Mr Cuomo began in late February with two former employees, Lindsey Boylan, a former economic development officer, and Charlotte Bennett, an executive assistant and senior accountant. Other allegations said Ms. Boylan said the governor kissed her in his Manhattan office in 2018, which Mr. Cuomo firmly denied.

Days after Ms. Boylan published the specifics of her allegations in a Medium post, Ms. Bennett told The Times that she had been willing to sleep with Mr. Cuomo’s questions about her sex life and willingness to sleep with older men in the Capitol’s office for the last time. June.

In a statement released shortly after the publication of Ms. Bennett’s report, the governor acknowledged that she sometimes made remarks that could be “insensitive or too personal,” adding that such remarks were “misinterpreted as unwanted flirtation”.

The unknown woman has described an intense period since her groping charges appeared in early March, saying she also lost weight while still working at the State Capitol. He had not spoken to the media before and had not filed a formal complaint at his workplace.

He said he was worried about his safety at work because he had a small child.

“If I told someone, I’m done,” he said. – And who are you telling?