Cuomo defends Trump against “unprofessional” and “truly biased” media

National Review

Obama claims that Lutheran Latinos ignored Trump’s racism because of his views on “abortion,” “gay marriage.”

Former President Obama on Wednesday claimed that Lutheran Latin voters chose President Trump over Joe Biden because Trump supports their views on abortion and gay marriage. While Trump lost the 2020 election, he won support among Latin voters based on exit votes and county voter data. large Spanish populations. For example, in 93 percent Spanish Zapata County, Texas, Trump won by six percentage points, while Hillary Clinton wore the county by 33 percentage points in 2016. on the podcast The morning club. “But there are a lot of Lutheran Spanish.” Obama continued: “The fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans, or… cages undocumented workers – they think it’s less important [that] supports their views on homosexual marriage or abortion. “(The ‘cages’ to which Obama refers were actually built under his administration because they were chain houses to temporarily accommodate illegal immigrants in border facilities.) He challenged Obama’s claim against a quick response to the Spanish media. economic issues, public security, Latin America, and socialism, “Sopo wrote in a National Review e-mail.” our only advertising on the subject was limited to a modest radio purchase in New Mexico. “Sopo, who is involved in the production of Spanish-language campaign ads, said the campaign highlighted different topics to inform different Latin groups.” In states like Texas and Arizona, where Latinos are predominantly Mexican-American territories, the president’s strong border Policies and measures to combat poverty have been very popular. the “socialist” tendency of some progressive Democrats to explain Trump’s support. Trump supported abortion rights before the 2016 campaign, but turned to the pro-life movement and decided to support pro-life organizations. on the rights of marriage during elections. Senator Josh Hawley (R. Mo.) criticized Obama’s remarks as “condescending.” als. So backwards. You can say by sticking to their weapons and religion. Barack Obama remains the most lenient corporate liberal in America: >> – Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) November 25, 2020 “Oh yeah, those Spanish Lutherans. So backwards. Clinging to their weapons and their religion. , you can tell, “Hawley wrote on Twitter. “Barack Obama remains the most manageable corporate liberal in America.”