DACA: The Trump administration has to accept the new applications, it has to judge the orders

Judge Nicholas Garaufis’ latest order is based on a November verdict finding that Chad Farkas was illegally filling the Homeland Security Secretariat when he signed rules restricting the application and renewal of the Late Childhood Action program.
The Trump government tried to end the DACA in 2017, but the U.S. Supreme Court blocked its attempt in June. In light of the Supreme Court’s decision, Wolf issued a reminder in July that the DACA’s new applications would not be accepted and that renewals would be limited to one year instead of two in the midst of an ongoing review. The reminder sought to buy time while the administration decided on the next steps.

The plaintiffs welcomed Friday’s order.

“Immigrant youth have resisted the constant attacks of this cruel administration and we have won again,” Johana Larios said. “Now first-time applicants like me can access the DACA program and current recipients can breathe a little easier as the DACA returns to its original form. Now I’m really looking forward to going back to school and feeling safe not to divorce. from my community. “

CNN turned to the Department of Homeland Security for comment.

Garaufis ’order on Friday appears to force him to address the Supreme Court’s ruling by the administration, calling on DHS to publicly – and visibly – announce its acceptance of the new applications and return to a two-year renewal.

“DHS INSTRUCTED to publish a public notice within 3 calendar days of this order, which must be prominently displayed on its website and on the websites of all other relevant agencies, for the first time to accept deferred actions under the DACA., Renewal requests and applications for prior conditional release, under the terms of the DACA program prior to September 5, 2017, and in accordance with the court’s memorandum and order of 14 November 2020, “Garaufis wrote.

Garaufis again chatted about Wolf’s appointment, which has been scrutinized several times.
The Department of Homeland Security has tried to correct the offspring a posteriori by allowing Pete Gaynor, an administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency confirmed by the Senate, to temporarily exercise the Secretary of Homeland Security’s authority to try to alleviate Wolf’s concern for legitimacy. department.

“Neither Administrator Gaynor nor Mr. Wolf currently has, and never has, the authority of the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security,” Garaufis wrote in a footnote.

Garaufis ordered him to leave blank a Wolf reminder detailing the new DACA rules.

This story has been updated with a response to the order.

CNN Maria Santana contributed to the report.