Dad beheaded the children, held the corpse for five days, prosecutors say

The interior horror of the beige Lancaster home began to unfold the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Elder Maurice Jewel, Taylor, 34, beheaded his son and daughter, authorities say. He then kept the bodies of 12-year-old Maurice Jr. and 13-year-old Maliaka in the house for the next five days, along with two younger sons, 8 and 9 years old.

During this period, prosecutors say in court records filed on Tuesday that the personal trainer showed the bodies to the surviving children, who were kept in their room without food.

It wasn’t until Friday that firefighters were called to a horrible scene at the Century Circle house over a possible gas leak.

Taylor’s clients, who took Zoom watches with them, called the authorities after he stopped communicating with them.

The mother of the children in the house was not a suspect, but was investigated by investigators and is still in contact with them, said Lieutenant Brandon Dean, LA County Sheriff’s Department murder office. Dean said MPs found the children’s bodies in a separate bedroom at home.

On Wednesday, prosecutors charged Taylor with two types of murder and child abuse.

Firefighters responded to a possible gas leak at Lancaster’s home last week

Firefighters who responded to a call for a possible gas leak from a house in Lancaster last week found the bodies of two children inside.

Taylor will be the newly elected Dist’s first high-ranking murder accused. Atty. George Gascón, who promised not to use the death penalty in new cases.

Taylor’s trial was postponed until Dec. 21. Instead of a $ 4.2 million bond, he remains in jail and is punishable by up to 57 years in prison.

The LA County Department of Child and Family Services appears to have had no connection to the family, and MPs have not been called home recently, Dean said Friday.

Taylor’s clients, with whom she worked at a physiotherapy and fitness center in Santa Monica, began to worry after not sending a Zoom link to a scheduled session and unable to reach them. They were worried about a gas leak at home and asked authorities to check on the family.

– I knew they weren’t out of town. They didn’t have the money to travel, ”one customer said.

Attorney and writer Howard Kern, who studied with Taylor for about seven years, said he called the LA County Fire Department on Friday at 7:34 a.m. after other clients called the sheriff’s department to pass on their concerns.

“I said, ‘I’m worried,'” Kern recalled. “We’re worried about a possible gas leak. We have four children and two adults – and we’re worried about their safety.”

Another client, who spoke anonymously, said Taylor worked remotely because of the epidemic. “It was so reliable, so sensitive,” and “soft,” the customer said.