Dan Mullen responds to Marco Wilson’s punishment for tossing shoes

The Florida Gators made a seemingly huge third shutdown to force an LSU punt last night. That was until the Gators defended themselves Marco Wilson he decided to throw his LSU tight shoes Kole Taylor after play, 15 yards of unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a penalty. The Tigers eventually switched to a 57-yard field goal Cade York just over 20 seconds left, which would be a winning point for the game after Florida missed their own 50-yard field goal.

The penalty was the biggest history of the last regular season-week in college football. Head coach Gators after the game Dan Mullen they inevitably asked about it.

“I didn’t see that,” Mullen said. – I think it’s a punishment. I have no idea what happened, I didn’t see it. So you guys saw it? I do not know. … He was punished.

Mullen was also asked about the chances of the Gators College Football Playoff if they wanted to break up the Crimson Tide in Alabama in Atlanta. He certainly didn’t get hit, and he seemed to be shooting his playmates in the meantime.

“I don’t have a vote on that, I’m not in the room,” Mullen said. “I know we played 10 games, I think the best thing to do would be to play less.” Because they seem to be rewarded this year for not playing college football.

Mullen perhaps referred to the state of Ohio, which currently ranks 4th and ahead of two places ahead of Florida the latest CFP rankings. The Buckeyes have only played five matches this season, both in the Ohio State program and on other Big Ten teams, this season due to the late start of the Big Ten Conference and COVID-19 issues. Ohio State (5-0) faces northwest at their championship title match next week.

Florida slips into the rankings of Tuesday’s fourth selection committee after an unexpected upset loss against an LSU team with the worst result in two decades.

Behind the Gators is also Texas A&M No. 5, which didn’t play Ole Miss this weekend due to the pandemic and will face Tennessee next Saturday to finish the regular season. Florida threw a 41-38 decision to the Aggies earlier this season.

So if Florida were able to upset Alabama, getting into the playoffs might not be possible.

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“We can’t control anything, just whether we win next week or not, we can only control that,” Mullen said. “We’ll win next week, we’re SEC champions. I can’t control more than that.

Clint Buckley of 247Sports contributed to this report.