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Democratic studies now focus on the whole world of Trump

House Democrats set up a huge net when exploring a profound investigation of the President's personal, business, and political life, with a breathtaking documentary request from 81 people, agencies and organizations.

They went after the blood groups of the Trump organization, Trump's employees, Trump's presidential campaign, the Trump transition team, Trump's inaugural committee, Trump White House and the Trump clan.

"Our goal is to keep the administration from obstructing justice, abusing power, and corruption," Nadler said on Monday at CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront".

"Our goal is to protect the rule of law in this country. We need to find out what's going on here and find the case for the American people, and we need to uncover it."

While the Democrats are convinced that a case that destroys Trump is a measure of the political sensitivity of their mission, they are not willing to talk about their potential at the end.

The fact that the case is being prosecuted or the 2020 election, in which the voters are asked to reject what the Democrat has called a historical corrupt presidency, is the decision.

"It's not a pre-sermon hearing," Nadler said. "If we do anything, we have to get evidence."

Going forward carefully

It is a fundamental policy for a Democrat not to call their investigation recently. To do this, the GOP presents a gift as it claims that the fix is ​​already happening – for some Republicans, and arguing that the Democrats are trying to reverse the presidential elections and that the permanent examinations are the classic cases of congresses. it goes even further.

"(They) are now going through every part of life. We are investigating crimes in America. We are not investigating people," said Rob Astorino, a famous Trump supporter on Monday night at CNN.

In order to eliminate such claims, the Democratic Line means that the majority simply has a duty to check the elimination of standards.

"If we want to do less, the crime is in our supervision," said Nancy Pelosi's House Speaker on Monday.

Perhaps the Democrats will not grasp the crimes committed by Trump that would meet the constitutional threshold for "high crime and crime".

Or Democratic leaders who perceive the Republican Party will never overwhelm the President, conclude that a spoiled effort to end Trump at a Senate trial could result in more political prospects than in 2020.

But the shadow of the potential trial will never come, as Nadler uses terms like "abuse of power" and "obstacles" – crimes that the presidents have faced twice in the past 50 years.

And Nadler, as chairman of the judiciary committee, chairs all possible retaliation proceedings – probably based on evidence that investigators are now seeking.

A look at the world of Mueller

In the short term, the Monday's move was another sign that even if Robert Mueller's specialist adviser reports, and even if other civil and criminal procedures do not come to Trump's past and present life, his troubles are not over.

Possible crimes investigated by democrats are amazing. These include alleged corruption, obstruction of the judiciary, sums of money for women, collision with suspected Russia, and claims that Trump has violated the Constitution by using his office for personal financial gain.

The people who are asking for papers are the most important members of Trump's sons, Eric and Donald Jr, his son, Jared Kushner, interim president, Tom Barrack, Steve Bannon and West Wing. officials like Reince Priebus former head of staff.

He asked for private letters to Trump's previous press conference, Sean Spinner and Hope Hicks. The committee sent a letter to Trump Tower in Trump Tower, Rhona Graff.

More than 80 names are sent to the House Judiciary Committee during the investigation

One of the significant numbers that was not on Monday's list was Trump's daughter and White House advisor, Ivanka. Nadler did not explain why, although he told Burnett that it was "completely conceivable" he could be on a future list.

Last weekend, the President predicted the extended Democratic Front in his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which is a preview of how he tries to slip the lane.

"They are not with Russia. There is no collusion. So they're going and they're getting involved:" Let's look at all the deals you've ever done. We're going to your finances. & # 39; These people are sick, Trump said.

On Monday he took a much slimmer approach when he asked him how to respond to Nadler, saying to journalists, "I always work with everyone."

The Court Approach is one of the overlapping groups of recent congressional examinations, also at the headquarters of the Committees on Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Intelligence of the House.

For example, these three panels asked the State Secretariat on Monday to provide information about Trump's private encounters and telephone calls, with his mysterious relationship with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

They also want the interlocutors involved in the couple's interviews to be available for interviews, with the exception of administrative discussions.

Democrats have their own risks

The surveillance attack launched on Monday will incur its own risks and consequences, given the significant increase in stakes. And there is no guarantee that such a serious constitutional process and unpredictable political echoes can be closed by the Democratic leaders.

If the Democrats spend months to make Trump's life miserable and become incomprehensible, they will be a huge political victory for the President, which he can take away in his re-election efforts.

But if they find evidence that Trump has committed "major crimes and crimes" in attacking the fundamental principles of American democracy, he faces a conflicting and fatal political decision.

If they do not make the final penalty for Trump from political fears, then they have to explain why local voters who resurrect him occur.

Nadler said that it is the duty of the rule of law, the Constitution and civil rights to decide what to do.

"If we provide protection that does not say retaliation, I do not support the victim," he said. "If the defense says it goes different, I'll go."

There are also practical obstacles that face democratic scrutiny.

An investigation that extracts documents from more than 80 witnesses will eventually lead to interviews and new leaders, with millions of pages of evidence and several months.

The Democrats only took the first step towards the condemnation of Donald Trump

This is one of the reasons why some observers suspect that Democrats are trying to carry out a process that severely damages Trump, puts pressure on the White House and lies in the middle of the 2020 campaign, but does not include a risky political move on hearing negotiations.

Nadler said that his list consisted of people and organizations who had already cooperated with Mueller and other jurisdictions to avoid challenging court challenges.

But the White House and other agencies will certainly slow down requests and demand executive privileges, leading to democratic protests that may delay the process by initiating longer court battles.

And Republicans who remember Bill Clinton's fight against the battle 20 years ago will surely represent democracies in the struggle against the president to provide political support.

The GOP already claims that Democrats are launching an infinite investigation into the crime, convinced that Mueller will not reveal the unpredictable crimes in his final report, which is about to be expected.

"We do not even know what the Mueller report says, but the Democrats already include their bets," said Doug Collins, Georgia's Supreme Republican Judge, in his statement.

"Having neglected the President to prevent him from obstructing, President Nadler follows evidence to support his conclusions because, as he recognizes," there are no facts yet. "

The position of Trump in Republican voters is legendary, which could relieve its parties of the massive abandonment of Senate condemnation.

But the effectiveness of GOP protection is not yet tested. Almost every day, he raises another scandal or debate from Trump White House – which means that any evidence of violations found by Democrats can be particularly strong.

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