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Dems goes deep into Trump

Democrats freed the terrible investigation President TrumpDonald John TrumpRand Paul: The Supreme Court is likely to beat Trump's emergency statement Pompeo refuses to say that Kim knew Warmbier's ill-treatment Trump points to Dems because of the failure of the North Korean summit MOREThe policy, the family, the campaign and the administration were on Monday when the House Judiciary Committee required paperwork from at least 80 different people and organizations.

The study shows that Democrats are making increasing efforts to use their rebuilt majority in the house to launch aggressive trials into Trump and its administration. After the jury's announcement, Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, gave a high-quality testimony to the Congress.

Democrats cautiously say that the new investigation is not part of the prosecution process, but has indicated that it is still possible in the queue.

"Over the last few years, President Trump has avoided accountability for our day-to-day attacks on our core legal, ethical and constitutional rules and standards," said Jerrold Nadler, Chairman of the Judicial Committee, on Monday. I can't mention the victim once.

"Examining such threats to the rule of law is the duty of Congress and a fundamental function of the House Judiciary," he said. "We have seen the damage to our democratic institutions over the two years that Congress has rejected in terms of responsible supervision."

Trump blasted the test during the remarks made at Monday's White House event, but said he would do it.

"I always work together," said Trump.

According to Nadler, the investigation covers three main areas: obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power. He said that the Democrats needed to carry out their investigations as special advice Robert MuellerRobert Swan MuellerSasse: The United States should greatly appreciate Mueller's choice to lead Russia's probe continues his probe, which can be close to the slope.

In another step, which highlights the pressure of the Democratic House, three Presidents of House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and the Monitoring and Reform Committee demanded records and interviews with President Vladimir Putin on relations with the Russian President. and via telephone as well as access to interpreters at their own personal meetings.

But the bigger development was Nadler's test, in addition to which observers know that the White House is tied to knots.

“It's very wide. There seems to be very little, if any, limitations on what they are looking for, ”said Elie Honig, a white-collar criminal lawyer and former federal prosecutor.

"I think this is where we finally see some kind of legal struggle … their breadth." [requests]said Honig. "We can also see that the fifth change is taking place and we can see the executive privileges."

The White House has already prepared its legal team for Pat Cipollone's new advice. 17 additional lawyers are expected, some of whom were announced in February and confirmed their press to respond to congressional trials.

The administration should also inquire about the two women who have been told by the federal prosecutors of Manhattan that they will be investigating their Trump affairs before the 2016 elections, ie at least three sides to consider Mueller's ongoing work.

The Democrats in the Justice Committee have said that they will see a meeting between Trump Tower Trump Tower officials in June 2016 and a Kremlin-related Russian lawyer to build a Trump property in Moscow and to keep the two women in Moscow. quiet in alleged cases with Trump.

A Commission consultant told reporters on Monday that the direct purpose of the requests was to compile the "very treasure treasure of evidence" that could be used to lead the investigation and identify future witnesses.

The committee gives the recipients two weeks to volunteer to make a request for a document and plans to take action if they do not.

"These are the documents we plan to be in some way," the committee said.

Democrats when they press why they like some people Ivanka TrumpIvana (Ivanka) Marie TrumpIvanka Trump is joking at Gridiron dinner that the President's daughter is "the hardest job in the world" Conway: Trump has the absolute right to order security permissions. they were not on the list, wrote this first wave as the first wave.

There are no errors in the table before Trump took office, the advisor to the committee told reporters.

While the judiciary has jurisdiction over convictions, the Democrats were cautious in discussing the opportunity in recent days.

"We have not found the evidence now and everything has to be done – to attack." Before listening to someone, you have to convince the American audience that it must happen, "Nadler said on Sunday," This Week ".

Last week, when asked whether any of the crimes committed by Cohen was an indiscriminate crime, the chairman of the Supervisory and Reform Committee Elijah CummingsElijah Eugene Cummings & # 39; Saturday Night Live Listens to Michael Cohen's Testimony to Congress to Increase Pressure on Retaliation Perhaps the truth, the whole truth – and much more – Michael Cohen (D-Md.) He said, "I'm not there.

At the same time, the Republicans quickly sent Nadler's test as a fishing expedition.

"We don't even know what the Mueller report says, but the Democrats are already covering their bets," said Rep. Doug CollinsDouglas (Doug) Allen CollinsHouse Passes Through The Second Great Weapon The House Gop Provides The Last Change In The Weapon The House Expands The Bill By Checking Arms Sales MORE (Ga.), The Supreme Republican on the Court Court.

"After the President has been condemned unhindered, President Nadler follows evidence that he supports his conclusions, as, as he acknowledges," we do not yet have the facts. "

Trump was imprisoned by Mueller and Democrats during their investigations, claiming that the purpose of the partisans and improper trials was. On Sunday, Trump accused House Democrats of talking about "presidential harassment," and later suggested that Cohen's public testimony contributed to the failure of North Korea's talks with Kim Jong Un.

Nadler said on Monday that prosecutors in Mueller's office and in the south of New York are aware of the Commission's investigation, indicating that they have taken steps to ensure that applications do not interfere with their work. Many people accused or co-operating in the Mueller investigation also received requests for documents, including the former Trump Campaign Chairperson Paul ManafortPaul John ManafortSchiff claims that the Trump campaign is already a "direct proof" of collusion. Michael Cohen has shown us why Robert Mueller's Revenge of Rod Rosenstein is MORE, who are later judged for bank and tax fraud this week.

"We have sent these requests for documents to start building a communication," said Nadler.

"We are working quickly to collect this information, evaluate the evidence, and follow the facts that lead to full transparency with the American people," Nadler added. "It's a critical time for our nation, and we have a responsibility to investigate these issues and keep auditions for the public to understand all the facts."

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