DeSantis extends order-blocking business shutdowns during a pandemic

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Governor Ron DeSantis extended the September execution order aimed at preventing business shutdowns during the COVID-19 epidemic.

A bilateral extension issued on Tuesday said the state “continues to suffer economic damage as a result of the closures associated with COVID-19, exacerbating the state of emergency, and the Florida population should not be banned from working or operating by local governments. a business. “

The extension is expected to last as long as Florida is still in a state of emergency at the time of the pandemic.

The September 25 order banned local emergency ordinances that “could prevent an individual from working or running a business”.

It also prevented municipalities from requiring restaurants to operate below 50% indoor capacity and obliged municipalities to quantify the economic impact and public health need of limiting indoor capacity below 100%.

The September order also suspended the collection of fines and fines for violating things like local mask ordinances, although it did not outright prohibit the ordinances.