Deshaun Watson posted a mysterious tweet after Texans hired Nick Caserio

Deshaun Watson, a Houston Texans quarterback, announced on Twitter shortly after the team was reported to have made an agreement with Nick Caserio as the team’s next CEO.

Caserio, the players ’current director of the Patriots, is from New England, as is the former Houston regime. Bill O’Brien, ex-Texans coach and CEO, former Patriots attack coordinator Jack Easterby, a former Patriots character coach, led the Texans team. Houston fired O’Brien in October, but kept Easterby.

So Watson may not be happy that the organization is moving in a similar direction with Caserio, another branch of Bill Belichick’s coaching and CEO tree.

Watson wrote on Twitter, “Some things never change …”.

O’Brien has notoriously replaced Watson’s best passer, DeAndre Hopkins, with the Arizona Cardinals during the 2020 season. That move was one of many – including two first-round exchanges for left-hand gear, Laremy Tunsil – that led to O’Brien’s withdrawal in Houston.

Caserio will be tasked with hiring a head coach in Houston. There is no shortage of excellent opportunities, including Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.