Detroit Lions head coach search: Robert Saleh appears as a clear, premature favorite

It’s too early to know who will be serious candidates for the Detroit Lions head coaching work in 2021. Obviously, owner Sheila Ford Hamp wants to take the time with this, and there’s even an executive position that she needs to fill. . In addition, there happen to be five weeks left in the regular season. In other words, we probably have at least a month off to hear the real rumors and the progress of the search.

However, that didn’t stop anyone from speculating on the next Lions coach. Of course, equality had a place in that Matt Patricia sent in his walking paper. BetOnline.Ag Sports Betting was one of the first to drop the Lions head coach chance, and here are the top five candidates:

Robert Saleh: 11/2
Eric Bieniemy: 6/1
Lincoln Riley: 13/2
Jim Harbaugh: 7/1
Kellen Moore: 15/2

While there are ridiculous names on this list – I can’t even imagine that even the Lions would be so deaf if they considered Harbaugh, given what’s going on in Ann Arbor right now – the inclusion of 49ers defense coordinator Robert Saleh is not a practice dart throwing. Many reports seem to be a very logical choice for the Lions, and several analysts have already appeared and said so.

Peter Schrager, FOX NFL he came out on Sunday and took note all the local bonds that would make the work of the lions quite attractive to Saleh.

“Saleh has real roots in the state of Michigan. He was born and raised in Dearborn, two miles from the facility. You see everything here. He grew up idolized as Barry Sanders, played at the University of Northern Michigan, went to the state of Michigan for a master’s degree, also as a coach in the state of Michigan, and his family is still there.

He is also a Lebanese, the son of two Lebanese people. And this is the largest population in the Middle East outside of the Middle East in these suburbs of Detroit. ”

As for his coaching abilities, after the 49-year-old held the Los Angeles Rams in an attack with just 13 points and 308 full yards in a winning effort, Richard Sherman of San Francisco corner defender Saleh praised his year-long defensive efforts.

“You have to give Coach Saleh, you have to give a lot of credit to Robert Saleh,” Sherman said at a post-game press conference (check it out here). “You have to give him an unusual amount of credit, and I don’t think he’ll get enough credit not only here, but in the league in general.”

He later added that despite the abundance of injuries, he could still not only keep the head of the defense above the water, but let it prosper.

“It never provides an excuse and we are still statistically the top five protections in almost every category. There are guys who have Pro Bowlers, all the pros who have never had an injury, never had any difficulties, and don’t put out the top five defenses.

– You’re not looking for an excuse. He makes great plans week by week and we implement them. I expect to be a head coach next year, which he is capable of. Able to gather people. He is the leader of men, and that leads very far.

Note: You may remember Sherman he specifically decided not to play in Detroit Because of Matt Patricia’s toxic culture.

Our friends on the Niners Nation 49ers blog also talked about Saleh losing to Detroit, which writer Kyle Posey called the “worst case scenario for the 49s”. Therefore:

The Lions fired their general manager, Bob Quinn. They will need someone to call the crime. Saleh Adam Peterset, the current vice president of Niners staff, could be appointed GM in Detroit alongside Mike McDaniel. The latter was the genius as the attacking coordinator behind the 49ers running game. This would give the Lions a powerful combo that would be hard to recharge.

Albert Breer, a MMQB staff member, noted Saleh’s performance on Sunday and immediately linked it to the Lions:

Like Posey, Breer wrote a column linking 49s Adam Peters, Vice President of Personnel, with Saleh to Detroit.

And if you bring in someone like dearborn native / 49-year-old DC Robert Saleh and pair it with a prospective GM you know (like Indy Ed Dodds or San Francisco’s Adam Peters), that’s where the work starts.

So Saleh would bring a much better personality as a team boss than his Lions predecessor. He could do more with less talent. He is motivated to come to Detroit and turn the miles away on an adult franchise. He could potentially bring branches from Kyle Shanahan’s venerable assault tree, and perhaps help with the vacancy of the Detroit CEO. It would be a little weird to target a head coach at first, but that’s not an uncharted territory at all, as the Browns did last year.

Put it all together, and he’s certainly a worthy cutting edge.