DeVos decides on university incentives as a socialist acquisition of higher education

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVosElizabeth (Betsy) Dee DeVos The Anti-Bullying Scholarship Program offers students “hope” – and a choice of school. Nationwide reading, math tests postponed to 2022 amid coronavirus surge hit the free college as “a socialist takeover of higher education” at an online conference on Tuesday.

DeVos criticized the pressure from the Federal Student Aid Virtual Conference and warned that a free college program would ruin the U.S. economy. His remarks on the ‘truly insidious concept of government gifting’ come as President-elect Joe BidenJoe BidenGeraldo Rivera questions Trump on election results: “Enough is now” – Senate approves two energy regulators, complementing Murkowski body: Trump must allow MORE for White House competitioninstallation will take place in 50 days.

“We have heard sharp calls to resign, to forgive, to set the whole free,” he said during the conference. “No harmless label out there can confuse what it really is: bad. The free college campaign is a matter of total government control. “

“Make no mistake: the socialist takeover of higher education,” he continued. “Now, depending on your personal policy, some may not find this idea as scary as I do. But mark my words: None of you will like how it works.

The Secretary of Education has previously voiced his disapproval of the movement, arguing that a free college program would place a financial burden on taxpayers, including two-thirds of Americans who do not attend university.

He also argued that college counselors would instead become “rationalers” who were “forced only to oversee the proportionality of state-approved higher education opportunities”.

“If politicians proposing a free college today are on their way, just watch our colleges and universities start to look like a failing K-12 school and DMV customer service starts,” he said during the conference.

Biden said public colleges and universities want to offer free tuition to families earning less than $ 125,000 a year, in addition to supporting credit relief programs. In an COVID-19 relief measure, the president-elect supported the cancellation of all borrowers ’$ 10,000 in federal student debt. It was reported by the Associated Press.

The plan of the elected president was transformed from progressive Sen. Bernie SandersBernie SandersBiden’s Budget Team Continues Battle in One-Day Defense of GOP Senate: Defense Bill Between Congress End-of-Year Scramble | Murder of Iranian scientist hampers Biden’s nuclear deal plan Navy strikes USS Bonhomme Richard after fire. Biden faces new challenges in Iran after nuclear scientists killed MORE(I-Vt.) Free college proposal.

DeVos repeated his earlier comments to Sanders about free university during the conference, saying “nothing is really free”.

“Someone is paying the bill somewhere,” he said. – And the bill is due. What we do in education policy and large-scale public policy writings will either break our already fragile economy or liberate an era of achievement and prosperity that we have never seen before.

The Secretary of Education did not mention whether the suspension of student payments in the Trump Administration will be extended until the end of December.