Did they change their injuries to Carson Wentz? Doug Pederson gives a strange answer

In the never-ending search for an answer to the question “What’s wrong with Carson Wentz,” it’s fair to think about whether the series of injuries suffered between 2017 and 2019 has accumulated.

And does that help explain the miserable season.

Doug Pederson was asked about that Monday, and the answer was weird, because when you expected him to just say, “Carson is fine,” he didn’t.

He said he really didn’t know.

“I’d be reluctant to comment on how you feel or what you’re going through,” Pederson said. “I’d say it’s probably a Carson question to see how he feels and how he’s fighting these injuries.”

Shouldn’t the head coach know how the novice quarterback feels and what he is going through?

Pederson was also asked if the games are called differently by Wentz’s three season-ending injuries – an ACL torn in 2017, a back break in 2018 and a concussion at the start of the Seattle playoff the previous season.

This may explain why Pederson is unwilling to continue to advance to his quarterback, who seems more effective when he is out of pocket but at greater risk.

“From the caller’s perspective, these injuries obviously don’t play a role in how I approach the game or how I call the game,” he said.

Something has changed because Wentz is obviously not the same guy as before. He returned from the torn ACL to play at a high enough level in 2018 before he was injured. Then he bounced back from his back injury to play well in 2019.

What about concussions? We all know the concussion could have a very long-term impact, but Pederson said a few days after the Seahawks were defeated that if the Eagles won the game, Wentz could have started next week.

They were all very serious injuries. So while they may all be in the past, they may have physically done their part for Wentz, and he’s simply not physically able to do what he used to do.

If you pull out the 2017 Wentz movie and compare it to the 2020 Wentz, it’s not the same guy.

Wentz was asked after Cleveland’s Browns defeat on Sunday if he could be the same player he was in 2017 after three years of injury.

He answered somehow, but not really. He just said he would remain as aggressive as ever:

“There are injuries that happen and you can’t control them,” he said. – They don’t belong in your hands. Last year – if you want to bring the concussion – it sucks. Being hit in the back of his neck like that is an unfortunate part of the game. That kind of thing happens. I will not change. I will give it my all and I will continue to learn. I’ll learn how to be better players. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to aggression, confidence, and all of these things? That will not change. “

But something has changed, and the longer Wentz performs at the level of an unspoken rookie, he only finds his way in the NFL, the longer these issues last.

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