Domestic Violence in South Pasadena: The usual friend is stabbed to death with a golf club after the victim’s mother and sister intervened

SOUTH PASADENA, California (KABC) – A man who broke into a home in South Pasadena on Saturday morning and attacked his estranged girlfriend was fatally stabbed and beaten with the victim’s mother and adult sister.

Police in South Pasadena responded shortly before 10 a.m. to a report of an ongoing domestic violence incident at Five Oaks Drive 500, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department writes.

Officers have arrived to find one of the windows in the home smashed and have heard women scream inside, the press release said. Police entered the residence and discovered a man in his 40s who was seriously injured.

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Firefighters and ambulances arrived at the scene, declaring the man dead. His name was not disclosed.

According to the sheriff’s murder investigators, the investigation showed that while the intruder “was undergoing the woman’s beating and strangulation, they came to help her mother and sister. During the fight, the suspect was stabbed and beaten with a golf club.”

The man’s estranged girlfriend was taken to hospital and cared for due to facial injuries, authorities said. He was later released from the medical institution.

Anyone who is aware of the incident should call the sheriff’s murder office at (323) 890-5500.

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