Dominion says he used private investigators to reach Sidney Powell, a pro-Trump lawyer

Powell did not respond immediately to a comment on Tuesday.

Powell was part of Trump’s legitimate team’s failed attempt to annihilate the election results by the end of November, when Trump appeared they break the bonds vele. Among Powell’s unfounded conspiracies was that the Dominion was created by late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and turned votes over to Biden.

“Dominion is launching this action to restore the record, enforce the company’s civil rights, recover damages and penalties, enforce a narrowly tailored order, and stand up for itself and its employees,” he wrote in Dominion’s lawsuit against Powell.

In Dominion’s lawsuit, he claimed that his “viral disinformation campaign … irreparably damaged” his reputation, costing millions of dollars. Employees of the company have received death threats as a result, the lawsuit says.

That was Trump’s lawyer’s campaign full of bugs, including the spelling of the “district” twice near the top of a petition, and a lawsuit in Wisconsin requesting information about a vote in Detroit, Michigan. Twitter Disabled Powell’s Twitter account immediately after the January 6 uprising for promoting QAnon’s conspiracy theories.

Powell has joined the lawsuits challenging the election results with Lin Wood, a pro-Trump lawyer whose baseless allegations have led voters not to vote because of election fraud. Republican candidates to the Senate in the January course of Georgia.

Dominion also sued Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giulianifor defamation, saying that Giuliani Powell and Wood worked together to “help narrate the false premonition of the 2020 elections.” Another Trump ally who dealt with the theories of the election conspiracy is MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, “asked for a lawsuit,” Dominion spokesman recently told CNN.