Donald Trump loses thousands of Twitter followers after the election defeat

Donald Trump lost Twitter followers every day of the week, with more than 46,000 accounts leaving his profile since Nov. 22.

His days in the White House are counted in the wake of his defeat against Joe Biden, but Trump continued to spread misinformation about the election on Twitter, leading to speculation that could quickly ban him from the platform after he leaves office.

It looks like some of its at least 88 million plus Twitter followers may have had enough, with the number of followers falling for four consecutive days.

According to Social Blade’s social media analytics platform, nearly 10,000 Twitter accounts were now being tracked. On November 24, its number decreased by 12,476. It fell by 5,979 on 23 November and fell by 19,164 on 22 November.

By comparison, Biden’s Twitter growth appears to be growing rapidly – although its 19.8 million followers are still far behind Trump. According to the Social Blade, Biden’s account has now gained more than 130,000 followers.

While the emigration on Trump’s account can be attributed to the cleanup of “bot” accounts, a social media campaign man hoping to convince Twitter users to flood Trump’s profile doesn’t seem to match the “slow trick” of non-tracking. with this theory.

Andrew Lazar, who heads the UnfollowThePres project, records how many people are throwing away Trump’s account now. And unlike Twitter’s approach to the president, which recently focused on marking posts as “controversial,” Lazar said. Newsweek that the goal is to “take away your favorite game.”

Lazar had previously conducted an experiment called SuspendThePres, which tested how Facebook and Twitter moderated the president’s posts compared to typical users.

He is running his latest campaign manually using analytics from an app called Tweetbot and has gained nearly 15,000 followers since its launch on Tuesday.

According to Lazar, Trump’s Twitter followers peaked at about 88.9 million this week before falling – roughly echoing Social Blade data.

Lazar said Newsweek: “By January, it will no longer be relevant in our national conversation. However, his Twitter account still has a huge impact on him. He uses that influence to continue to divide our country. I mean, the guy can’t admit the loss and wants to make false fraud claims. convey to his followers.Dangerous.

“Since Twitter only raises a few pointless flags, I say that our Twitter community has the power and duty to reduce its volume, and we need to do that. Remove its reinforcement and help dial the power of its rhetoric.”

The question of what will happen to Trump’s bill after he leaves the White House remains unanswered. Twitter’s official line hasn’t changed in recent weeks, despite the platform having to mark its posts multiple times.

A Twitter spokesman said Newsweek last week: “Twitter’s approach to world leaders, candidates and civil servants is based on the principle that people need to be able to see in a clear context what their leaders are saying. This means we can use warnings and labels and limit engagement. for certain tweets. “

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump will make a statement to the White House in the press on November 20th. The number of Twitter followers decreased during the week.
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