Donald Trump questions Georgian rhetoric despite official demanding death threats

Sharing footage of a passionate plea for condemnation of post-election violent threats, President Donald Trump continued his own attacks on the integrity and persistent claims of the vote.

Gabriel Sterling, the election executive chief of Georgia’s foreign minister’s office, referred to death threats and other similar intimidation – referring to Trump’s “encouraging people to commit potential acts of violence”.

“You have to stop,” Sterling said after calling on the president and senator to condemn those words and deeds.

“It’s an election, it’s the backbone of democracy. And all of you who haven’t said a damn word are complicit in this.”

Trump shared a clip of Sterling’s comments, in which he returned to his narrative on election fraud in Georgia by targeting state governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

“Rigged choice,” he wrote.

“Show signatures and envelopes. Discover the huge electoral fraud in Georgia. What the Secretary of State and @BrianKempGA are afraid of. They know what we’ll find !!!”

Sterling specifically referred to the death threats against Dominion Voting Systems, a contractor in Gwinnett County, while also referring to “sexual threats” sent to Raffensperger’s wife. Raffensperger had previously claimed to have received death threats after the election.

Sterling also mentioned a remark by Joe diGenova, Trump’s campaign lawyer, who said the former director of the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) “should be taken away and shot at dawn.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper described Trump’s comments as “non-American.”

“Grotesque, dangerous, non-democratic, non-American. Called by a Georgian GOP official not to condemn violent calls against election officials, the president responds with collapsed theories that fuel the threats,” he tweeted, sharing the president’s views. Comments.